Have you heard of the game of guessing on the map? Are you familiar with Worldle and Wordle? Are you aware of the reasons these games are gaining popularity? If the answer is no you should go through the article below.

These days, games such as Wordle are popular on social media which is a sign of an excitement for the game. That’s the reason why Worldle is becoming popular. People around the world are searching for Puerto Rico Wordle ,though; it has to be ‘Puerto Rico Worldle’. Let’s follow up to find out details about this game, and the reasons it’s becoming popular.

What is the reason why Worldle is trending?

The Worldle is popular on social media because of the difficulties of Worldle 61 that attracted on with a lot of interest. It was either impossible to identify the correct country, or were playing more than usual. A user on Twitter continued to inquire as to why the Worldle asks for the names of tiny island nations because the response to the question was Puerto Rico.

This led to the search for a different game, known as Puerto Rico Game. But, it’s all in conjunction with another game we’ll be talking about in the future. First, let us know about this Worldle game.

What’s Worldle Game?

Antoine Teuf and his girlfriend were discussing the Wordle game. They were discussing spin-offs of Wordle with regards to geography. They also talked about their friend who was a fan of the game based on geography “GeoGuessr,”.

All of this inspired them to create the game Worldle. The game was played by millions people, including map enthusiasts. Although it was not as popular, it was like Wordle however it had its own distinct features. In the game, players must correctly identify what the nation’s name is displayed on the map within six attempts.

About Puerto Rico Game

The players take on themselves as governors of colonial era Puerto Rico Island. They can earn points by shipping products to Europe or by building the structure. At the beginning the players must define their roles by “Traders” as well as “Builders” and then perform their tasks according to their roles in order to earn points.

The points earned are then saved and are kept in the amount I-five so that nobody else can view the other points. In this way, players accumulate points until the end to be able to win, which makes it more enjoyable.

In 2011, a new edition of the game released, this time within Puerto Rico (with two expansions).

User Reactions and Hints on Puerto Rico Wordle

As we mentioned earlier it is Worldle rather than Wordle. Twitter was inundated with the hashtag #61 in the currently playing Worldle. A player tweeted his score as 1/6. He guessed on six attempts.

the Hints will be:

  • A country is famous for its stunning beaches and coastline
  • Scroll down to find the solution!
  • The flag is adorned with a huge star
  • The island is a Caribbean Island which is also an official territory within the United States


The Puerto Rico Wordle ,which corresponds to Worldle 61, is an thrilling game. It has been trending in the past 24 hours. It is worth the chance.