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Do you drink Starbucks coffee? Are you one of those people who shares Starbucks on social media? You should have seen the Starbucks scam video if you answered yes. This article contains the truth about Starbucks Coffee Scam Video.

The scam video

Robinson uploaded a Facebook video on May 30, 2022. The video shows Robinson and his friend pouring coffee into small, medium and large starbucks cups. These cups are 8 ounces each, 12 ounces and 16 ounces respectively. They showed all sizes of Starbucks cups and found that they hold the same amount.

The video claims all coffee cups are equal because there are six sizes available. They can hold anywhere from 3 to 31 ounces. Many people thought this was a joke or fake.

Coffee Scam Starbucks Cup Sizes

This viral video has made people more curious about Starbucks. They often sell their products in their own paper cups. They are

  • Demi weighs 3 ounces
  • Short 8 ounces
  • Tall weighs 12 oz
  • Grande is 16 ounces
  • Venti comes in 20 ounces of hot drinks and 24 for cold drinks.
  • Trenta weighs 30 ounces

The Demi cups are small enough to be used for expresso only, while Trenta, which is the largest, can be used for iced drinks only. It’s equivalent to three or four coffee cups.

Cross-checking facts

The Starbucks Coffee Scam Video was viral but many claimed it was a fake. Starbucks is a trusted company so it’s impossible to scam them. Starbucks coffees are much more expensive than those sold locally.

Some people felt that the video makers might have been tricked into using the same measurements for all coffee cups by hiding some materials behind them. They haven’t revealed how much coffee was used to fill the cups. This video could be a prank, but they have not provided any evidence or facts.

History is prone to repeat itself.

This Starbucks Coffee Scam video was not the first one to be uploaded. Many people have made prank videos for various companies since 2016. These prank videos were used to victimize Jack in the Box’s 2017 restaurant. A tic tok video regarding the McDonald’s cup sizes scam was viralized in 2020.

This is something that people are well aware of. These content creators might use deceptive video editors to prefill the cups or glue the cups together in these types videos. Some prank videos are posted to make it viral and fool people.


The Starbucks Coffee Scam Video contained all the details about the prank. Starbucks is a multinational corporation that has nearly 34,000 locations around the world and a revenue of $31billion. Their genuine work and marketing skills might have helped them reach this level. People should treat them with respect and not defame them.

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