Psgamejob Scam; have you lost your money on scam websites? Can’t identify which websites are a scam?

We will be discussing a recently launched website for all of our readers today; we will discuss its main features.

 Also check the legitimacy points so that it is easy to determine its legitimacy at the end of the article.

Gaming enthusiasts from across the United States are curious about today’s gaming device online store. Games are top rated among young people, but there are many suspicious websites on the internet that claim to sell the latest game consoles.

So, let’s find out more on the website.

What is Psgamejob Scam?

The website exclusively claims to offer the latest and most recently released gaming devices from Sony, Nintendo and Xbox. The website is the best option for those players who cannot go to the store and buy it.

But is the website legitimate?

Some additional details on the website are; they are currently offering a 70% Christmas discount on all products. There is detailed information about each product in the description section.

There are also sections like related products and a quick view for consumers to have a better view. Let’s take a look at the specs.

Specifications to check Psgamejob Scam

• The website is an online store offering gaming devices.

• The online store is accessible via

• The website shipping policy for product delivery is 1-6 weeks.

• Shipping costs are $ 10 within the United States and free shipping applies to products over $ 40 worldwide.

• There is a 14 day exchange policy, provided the company’s exchange criteria are met.

• Cancellation of products is possible within 24 hours of placing the order.

• The website offers a 14 day return policy and the item can only be returned if found by default.

• According to Psgamejob Reviews, their refund policy states that the process is completed within five business days.

• The website email address is; [email protected].

• The website contact number is also provided, which is 570-517-4896.

• A physical address is also mentioned on the website; Arleta, Nagle Ave 8800, California, United States.

• For payments, the website’s first preference is PayPal, while the second is credit cards like JCB, Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.

• The website was launched on December 8, 2020.

Benefits of buying from this website

• The website offers a massive discount on all products.

• There is a detailed description of all products.

• The website contains the latest newly launched products.

Cons of buying from this website

• There is no space for Psgamejob Reviews.

• The website does not contain any links to social networks.

• There is no about us page on the website.

• No adequate transparency is offered to consumers.

Is the website legitimate?

Whenever we come across a suspicious website, it is very important to check the legitimacy of the website before creating an account on it. Scam websites these days do their best to make their site authentic, but there are some common mistakes.

Here the website had a low transparency quality; no social media link is provided, which means the website is not present on social media. Some grammatical errors are also found; Psgamejob Scam mentions this website as very suspicious and cannot be trusted.

The website does not erase the legitimacy checkpoints.

What are people saying on the website?

The website is coming out because not many people are aware of it as there is no social media presence. The website is highly suspicious due to the significant loopholes it contains.

Any website less than six months old is still risky and potentially dangerous. You better stay away from these websites. There are no positive reviews found on the website on the internet. Rather negative reviews are discovered.


The website claims to offer exclusive gaming devices which turn out to be very suspicious and not trusted. Psgamejob Scam suggests that if consumers want to buy gaming consoles, a reputable website is recommended.

Identifying a scam website can be tricky as scammers are more advanced, but some shortcomings such as grammar errors and website age should be noted. The most important thing is that any simple website is present on social networks to promote its products.