PS4 users encounter error code SU-42481-9 when trying to download and install new updates on their game console. The error message was first logged in mid-2018 and is still persistent with US users finding a permanent fix to this problem.

PS officials confirmed the error message caused by Twitter updates. They also shared some effective tips for users that didn’t turn out to be effective.

Below is a brief overview of the solutions that can help you overcome the Ps4 SU-42481-9 update error.

What causes the update error SU-42481-9?

The error code starts showing up when US users try to update their gaming device or try to establish a connection between the device and PSN. There are many reasons for the Ps4 SU-42481-9 error and some of the main reasons for this error are:

• Temporary files are corrupted – When the game console is full of damaged temporary files, it prevents the console from being updated precisely and causes an error.

• Corrupted update files – If the files are damaged during the update, they cannot be installed correctly, causing the Ps4 update error SU-42481-9.

• Background functions – In some cases, background functions and applications prevent updates from working properly and cause the game console to display an error code.

• If the game console has a malfunction, it may also cause an error when updating it with new files.

Before you can access the remedies for this error code, you must have your PSN credentials with you to enter them when prompted. You also need to remove all discs from your game console to make the solutions work for you and fix the error.

What are the solutions for the Ps4 update error SU-42481-9?

The first solution – powering the game console on the bike

In most cases, the game console error can be easily resolved by turning the power of the game device on and off. This is a helpful process for completely shutting down the console and ensuring it is draining power. Forces the gaming device to regenerate all configurations before rebooting.

• Turn off the console by pressing the power button on the front panel of the device and turn it off manually

• After the console has completely shut down, unplug the console from the electrical outlet

• Now keep pressing the power button for a few seconds, say 30 seconds to make sure all power is drained

• Wait 5 minutes for it to idle, then plug all cables back into the socket and turn on the console

Second solution – using Safe Mode to update

If the first solution does not work in fixing the Ps4 update error SU-42481-9, you can update your device in safe mode. Safe Mode on PS4 is a function of performing basic error code fixing operations.

• Press the power switch until indicator light flashes for a few seconds

• Turn off the console by holding the power switch until you hear two beeps

• Now develop a connection for the controller with a USB cable

• Hold down the PS button specified on the controller

• The console will start up in safe mode

• Select “Update System Software” and click the “Continue” button

• After the download is complete, restart the console and the problem will be solved


The Ps4 SU-42481-9 error is common and there is no need to panic when you see such an error. You can follow the above steps to fix the Ps4 update error SU-42481-9.

Have you encountered such an error on your PS4 console? Share tips on how to fix the bug in the comments section.