This review is on my newest pair of PrudyVault Jumpsuit Male Conversion. I have been a fan of Prudy’s for a while now. I always wanted to try out the male line since there were only girls in the group. But then, i didn’t really want to wear a girl’s clothes since the designs were so masculine for me. So, when I saw this Jumpsuit, i instantly fell in love with it. And boy was i glad that I bought it!

My second Prudy vault jumpsuit:

This is my second Prudy vault jumpsuit, and the first time I’ve seen the original version. Like many others, I was so excited when i found out about this new range. The color combo is really impressive. The chest is covered in a vivid blue with great contrasting colors accentuated by the white chest liner. The rest of the jumpsuit has grey and blue plaids, which really complements the design nicely.

The conversion permission comes with the item, and i must say, it is fantastic. If you are going to edit any existing content, then you must get permission from the author in order to do so. This applies to both the standard edition and the premium edition of this outfit.

Special attention to this information:

I particularly like how the chest, arms, legs and head are articulated in this new Prudy vault design. The female version is simply gorgeous. If i had to choose one outfit from the new asuka officer uniform checklist to buy, i would definitely choose the prudy vault jumpsuit. It is the perfect blend of comfort and style. Just try not to tear yourself away from this excellent ensemble as soon as possible.

The black chest is mostly mesh, however, there is an area where you can upload your own textures, and this is a good suggestion for those who may not be familiar with how to do this. The black leggings underneath also have a mesh section. These assets from other authors list the age of the model, gender and the country of origin for each asset. You need to pay special attention to this information as it will allow you to avoid any plagiarism charges.

Available at just about any good costume:

This outfit is available at just about any good costume shop and comes in a medium as well as a large size. The medium size as seen on the prudy vault jumpsuit website fits a man between six and eight foot, the large size between ten and twelve foot and the smallest size between fourteen and eighteen foot. There are also sizes that are between twenty and thirty foot. If you need the pants fit for the Overseer, then you should order the same size as the above figures, excluding the waist and the thighs. When you look at the picture of the Overseer, you will notice that there are different colors available for the two different looks: light green and red or white and black.

If you want to be slightly unique and not quite jump the gun when looking for the right outfit, then you should really consider the Prudy Vegas Jumpsuit Male Conversion. This is a great choice if you have already spent money on the previous year’s version of this outfit and you are looking for a new way to wear it this year. This one is very similar to the original version of the outfit and it comes in a medium size that can accommodate a man between six and eight foot, it comes in either red or black and there are also different colors available. If you love the way that the original Fallout 4 mod new outfits to the game.


The great thing about this outfit is that you can mix and match it with different pants to create different looks and you can even use this outfit to be a lighthearted prankster if that is what you plan to do. But if you are not the prankster type, you can just keep it as it is. There are also over fifty pieces of armor that can be educircul purchased with this mod new outfits to the game. It comes with a pistol, combat knife, laser crossbow, vault suit, VATS, bobblehead doll, combat shotgun and three pieces of wearable armor that can be mixed and matched with this one.