A proxy server is an intermediary between a user’s computer and a system of Internet servers. In simple terms, this is a remote intermediary computer with which you can connect to the Internet as if from another country.

The main task of a proxy is to translate user requests to the network and send responses back. By using proxyempire you will get an uninterrupted and optimized service with many different services.

What is a proxy for?

A proxy server will be a good solution for regular users for several reasons:

  • With its help, the real IP addresses of the resource are replaced with the IP addresses of the proxy server and bypass restrictions on access to prohibited resources. As a rule, the access speed will be slower than directly, but it’s better than nothing at all.
  • A proxy server hides the user’s true location, allowing you to browse anonymously (like through Tor). You can get data about the person who used the proxy only through the decision of a local or international court (depending on the location of the user and the intermediary).

All this takes time, so it is unlikely that anyone will do this. But this does not mean that you can commit illegal acts on the Internet with impunity.

In this case, the proxy administrator has the right to transfer data after completing all the formalities on the part of law enforcement agencies.

Many companies restrict employees’ access to social media and entertainment sites while on the job. A proxy server allows you to bypass the restrictions that are created by the system administrator.

When to use a proxy

In what cases it is worth using a proxy, except for the desire to hide the IP address:

  • protecting a computer or network from certain network attacks, ensuring confidentiality;
  • overcoming restrictions to social networks and entertainment sites in the workplace;
  • connecting to a network of several computers with only one IP address;
  • the desire to save traffic (this allows you to make a so-called caching proxy that runs on a computer);
  • providing prompt access to information and reducing the load on the Internet channel.


Proxy servers are most in demand in the corporate segment. It is with their help that legal entities leave local networks for online networks.

Such popularity of proxies became possible due to the following advantages:

  • they are supported by all modern browsers;
  • they can be used on any operating system;
  • increasing the security of the corporate network as a result of the lack of access to the Internet using other protocols;
  • full access control, traffic accounting and filtering.