Do you have a manufacturer’s warranty car that is about to expire or has already expired? You can now bite those nails with the potential for potential disruptions causing unforeseen expenses from your own pocket. In the course of this analysis, we must introduce to any vehicle safety package supplier that can respond to your concerns. Protect My Car has indeed been part of the market since 2005.

They have a wider spectrum of extended warranties and car insurance plans at competitive prices. With fantastic “Protect My Car” reviews from customers, replacement and availability guarantees in many other states such as the United States, it’s worth taking a look when thinking about getting an extended warranty on your car.

What is “Protect My Car”?

Protect My Car is an internet portal mainly used in the United States. Protect My Car provides customers with a comprehensive car warranty policy that provides adequate protection for cars that are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether your car was ordered new or even used, or your dealer safety is almost certain or already past, an extended car warranty agreement will save you thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

What does the Website provide?

According to “Protect My Car Reviews”, the site’s trust rate was 60%. This site’s domain name is quite old, which is a good thing.

The company offers car service after 3-5 years from the original purchase date. If you buy your policy through Protect My Car, you’ll pay as little as $ 100.00 for expensive refurbishments. Well, that would be a significant saving.

Protect My Car provides advance payment services on your plans. Costs vary, but are typically between $ 99 and $ 199, which includes monthly payments, cancellation policy.

Suppose you want to withdraw your plan within the first 30 days and have not made a claim. In this case, you can cancel it for free. According to Protect My Car Reviews, the unique amenities you get are 24 hour roadside assistance, travel break insurance, car rentals and even discounts on the same are available.

Customers opinion

This site exists on several domains, including social media platforms, including other sites. Protect My Car’s customer reviews are excellent with an excellent overall rating of 5 stars (based on 654 reviews). Almost all of BBB’s recent Protect My Car reviews are encouraging as well.

Customers are satisfied with the services they provide at such a reasonable cost. Last year, 44 consumer reports were also resolved, and Protect My Car was very meticulous in identifying customers with problems and helping them solve the problem.


Protect My Car Review presents all the relevant factors about the company and its policies. It is assumed that the company is quite famous among the residents of the United States. You won’t find many disturbing signs by browsing through Protect My Car reviews. They have a fantastic 4.2 star score from online customers.

It has become one of the few companies that aims to provide free routine maintenance and one year of car maintenance support.

If you have any questions or have any experience with the company, do share with us in the comments section below as Protect My Car Review can help others make a wise decision.