Wondering where you can get exciting deals on gaming devices? Want to know Prosetta reviews? Yes, that’s why you came to this page. Well, in this article, you will learn about the Prosetta online shopping site and what people think about it.

Prosetta is a registered site in the UK and the ratings given on the site are exceptional. But is your site worth those ratings or is it just a fraudulent site? We will find the answer to this question in this article. So let’s find out more about this site.

What is Prosetta?

Prosetta is an online shopping site that deals with cell phones, laptops, gaming accessories like Playstation and Xbox. Prosetta Reviews offers 24/7 customer support and the operator of this online shopping site is Probile Mobile Solution.

The site is headquartered in London, UK and the correct address is at the bottom of the official site. The ratings displayed on the site are 4.7 out of 5 and are the average of ratings from other websites.

So let’s see what other benefits and privileges the Prosetta online store offers to its customers.

Features and details for Prosetta

• Request an email address – info@prosetta.co.uk

• Address – 33 Denmark Hill, London

• Shipping Policy – Prosetta Reviews mentions no shipping costs. It only mentions that they will be shipped within 2-7 days.

• Return policy – you can return the product within 14 days of receiving the package, and the cost of shipping is paid by the customer.

Is Prosetta safe?

We searched the site and found that the Prosetta online shopping site’s domain age is only 8 days. Yes, it is only eight days old, which means this is a new site. It turns out that there is no affiliation with social media, reviews on Trustpilot say it is a scam.

The payment method is only for bank transfer. No cash on delivery, no PayPal. Hence, this evidence is enough to say that Prosetta is not a legitimate site.

Prosetta Reviews

When we searched the reviews of this website, we discovered that people were saying that Prosetta is just a fraudulent website with a different name. The last name of the site is Probile.co.uk and when we searched for real buyer reviews we found it on Trustpilot and people mentioned it was unreliable.


The Prosetta online shopping site has all the misinformation regarding their services and policies. The website was created to get people to fall into their trap, but now, thanks to our research, you can protect yourself from this trap.

So now we know the reason for offering reasonably priced products in our Prosetta reviews.

Did you order a product from this website? Share your experience in the comments section to help others fall into the traps of scam.