If you live in Orange County California, then you might want to focus on the large number of charter schools that are available for you to pick from. If you want to focus on picking a charter school, then you need to know how to narrow all of those options down. One of the best ways to do this is to make a list of pros and cons, and then compare your options.

If you want to ensure that you can get the best charter schools Orange County options, then you need to make sure to pick the correct one and know all the pros and cons. Now, charter schools are schools that still receive funding from the government or even the state, but they do have their own charter, ways of teaching, and lessons as well. 

So charter schools do have a few benefits, but also a few cons as well, and this article is going to list several of them.

The Pros Of Picking a Charter School in Orange County

First, charter schools tend to have smaller classrooms which give more time for individual learning from teachers and also less chance for any disruption of the classroom. Every single student will get noticed because there is less of a chance for students to hide behind anonymity, and they will need to participate and absorb information because there is a chance they will be called upon to answer a question or lead a discussion.

Additionally, charter schools also focus on specific goals when learning and tend to go deeper into their learning than public or private schools. While many public and private schools tend to focus on memorization as well as ‘teaching to the test’, charter schools tend to focus on learning not just why certain things happen, or how to solve specific problems, but also what events mean and how to use problem solving skills in the real world. 

Charter schools also give a wider freedom of choice for both teachers and students. With the wide number of charter schools available to pick from, you get a lot of choice as to what type of school you should go to, and the teachers also get a way to teach the way they want. Rather than having to be beholden to tests and what ‘needs’ to be learned in order to pass them, the teachers can focus on their own styles and dive deeper into certain things that their students want to learn.

The Cons Of Picking a Charter School in Orange County

Now, charter schools do have some cons and issues, and you need to be aware of them as you move forward. For starters, quite a lot of people want to apply for and get into a charter school, and the competition will be very fierce as you move forward. While some schools have interviews and other common ways to pick applicants, several schools simply have a lottery and it comes down to luck. Plus, even if you manage to get inside of the school, there’s a chance that your students are just better suited to the life of public or private school as well. 

Additionally, while most charter schools do have quite a bit of freedom, the freedom is changed by the state or region the school is in, so make sure to do some research on the rules of the school and the state the school resides in to find out the level of freedom the school will get.

Finally, charter schools have a lot of amazing activities and different ways of learning, but all of that can be a massive drain on teachers, parents, and even students. For teachers they need to set up and learn how to teach these unorthodox lesson plans. Parents might need to volunteer to help run events or take on leadership roles, and students might even find themselves exhausted just by the sheer amount of learning they are doing.

So make sure to keep in mind that while a charter school might be able to teach a large and fun workload, it is still a large workload that your students will need to keep in mind. Keep an eye on your child if they go through a charter school, because you don’t want them to get burnt out.

Picking An Orange County Charter School

Everything in life has pros and cons, but by being able to understand the pros and cons of picking an orange county charter school, you will be able to have a better grasp of where you will be sending your child to get educated. Make sure to do your research and your homework on the various charter schools and you will be able to make informed decisions.