YouTube is popular for both personal and business video marketing. Just like other platforms that support video marketing, some amazing advantages are attributed to its use. And like other great video marketing platforms such as Vimeo, GoogleTune – The YouTube Alternative, and more, there are also a few cons that the users have to deal with.

YouTube Pros

1. Free for the users

Content creators can come up with world-class videos and upload them on YouTube without paying a dime. This provides creators with an opportunity to figure out whether this works out for them perfectly or not, without getting worried about paying for videos that don’t become popular among the readers. However, YouTube Premium has been established which users who want to watch videos without the nuisance of pop-up adverts can pay and enjoy a great experience with their videos. This also allows the subscriber to keep their videos playing in the background, and even when they are offline. Whether you are watching videos for free, or if you have a premium account, how you upload your videos doesn’t change.

2. You can earn money from your videos

Video monetization is among the reasons why content creators spend lots of their time trying to come up with world-class content that will be interesting to many. Depending on how many views your content gets, you can earn a decent amount for your effort. Other methods that you can earn from YouTube are by selling merchandise, offering a service, affiliate links, and sponsorships, just to name a few. If you exercise more creativity, your ability to earn more from this channel is improved considerably.

3. YouTube is easy to use

To use YouTube, there is no technical knowledge that is required. You don’t have to possess advanced computer skills, and even if you are completely new to it, there are many tutorials that you can use. Uploading a video is easy, and within a minute or two, you will be done with it.

4. YouTube makes sharing easy

Have you found a great video, music, or anything else and want to share with your friends and acquaintances? YouTube makes it incredibly easier for you to do that.

5. YouTube generates backlinks for SEO

After uploading a video, there will be a link that’s generated, which is beneficial for your SEO strategy.

Cons of YouTube 

1. Everything in YouTube is public

This can be attributed to the fact that YouTube is a public video channel. Also, any person can post anything provided that it’s in the supported format.

2. There are restrictions

Just like Vimeo and GoogleTune – the YouTube alternative the number of restrictions is many, so this limits what you can do in this channel.

3. Account can be disabled

There are many instances where established YouTube accounts have been disabled on flimsy grounds. 

However, this happens if the content that you publish goes against the provisions of the community guidelines and if you engage in copyright infringements among others.

4. Any advertiser can place adverts on your video

Even your competitors can place their ads near yours, and this could hurt your brands.