As winter is at its peak, we all love wearing scarves with our outfits as it enhances our looks. If you are looking for the site where you can buy it, please read this content. Like today we are going to share the Proomb Reviews shared by people.

Women in the United States love to wear scarves with their outfits. So to help them, we will share all the details of the site and check whether it is a trustworthy site or not. Keep reading, guys.

What is Proomb?

It is an online store with great collections of homemade scarves. Buyers can purchase attractive designs and colors. In addition, the site also offers customers a large group of bowls with a unique design. Attractive colors have been used to make it.

The site has shared your information on its about us page. Information on the return and refund policy is also available. Furthermore, a follow-up facility is also provided to buyers.

But before you go to do your winter shopping from this site, you must see Proomb Reviews. To get your answer to continue reading the content. Let us know what are the specific characteristics you have.

Proomb Specifications

• Site Type: An online site that sells scarves and bowls.

• Payment method: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Amex

• Company address: 1548 Nealstone Way, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27614, United States.

• Company email address: [email protected]

• Delivery time: 72 hours if the order is placed within the US.

• Cancellation of orders: between 12 and 24 hours.

• Free shipping costs from € 50

• Return of items – within 30 days.

• Refund – available.

Advantages of using Proomb

• Buyers can track their order.

• The site has a good collection of homemade scarves.

Cons of using Proomb

• The site is not available on social networks.

• The site is new to the market.

• Proomb reviews are not available.

• The site has not shared the contact number with customers.

• Information shared on the About Us page appears to be incorrect.

Is Proomb legit?

It is important to know that the site you are shopping from online is legitimate or not. So to help you, we searched this site on various platforms to verify its reliability. The site was recently registered on November 16, 2020. To mislead customers, the site has shared that it was written in 2016. This is the first red flag we found over the area during our investigation.

Also, the site is not available on social media and has no social media icons. Neither a Facebook page nor an Instagram account is public.

Also, the site address also appears to be invalid as we searched for it on Google map, but could not find the proper location. Also, reviews are not available either. No, the client has shared their opinions on the site.

Last but not least, the company has not even shared its contact number with customers. Based on all the facts that have been found during the investigation, we can say that the site is a scam. Therefore, readers should be careful. Let us know what customers are saying.

What are Proomb reviews?

Being recently registered and claiming to have been written in 2016, the site has received no customer feedback. Since the site is not active on social media, we cannot decide whether people like the products offered by the company.

As no customer has shared their opinion, we were unable to disclose any opinion at this time.


There are many sites available that offer the same deals that Proomb offers. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we investigated this site and found it suspicious as it has a lot of red flags. The site tries to mislead customers.

Therefore, we suggest that you stay away from this site as it is not trustworthy, so please do not spend your money shopping online from this site. Also, Proomb Reviews is not present online as the site is new.

If you have spent your money on the products available on the site, please share your experience online, as the site lacks customer reviews. We will be happy to help you at all times.