Is it you who comments on every BTS online post with a purple heart and a big smile? Is it you who is waiting for the new song? In just a matter of hours, BTS’s latest song was on the top of audio streaming services across countries like India, United States, Canada and Germany. For those who are passionate about K-pop, here’s the Proof BTS Photocards.

The photocards

Photocards are cards with the image of an idol. However, that photocard will only be available through photocards. Kpop music producers began selling photocards of stars along with their music albums.

The world-famous BTS music group has now released “Proof,” their new anthology album. People can also get proof photocards for free when they buy the album.

Along with the music album, two photocards measuring 8.5cm by 5.5cm will be distributed.

  • Photocard A will randomly draw 8 participants
  • Photocard B will randomly draw from 7.

BTS Tracklist

The Proof album was released on three CDs in June 20, 2022.

  • Track listing from CD 1: Bornsinger, No More Dream, N.O., Boy In Luv, Danger, Ineed U, Run, Fire, Blood Sweatandtears, Spring Day, DNA, Fake Love, Idol – Boywithluv, On, Dynamite, LifeGoesOn, Butter & YetToCome
  • CD 2: Run BTS, IntroPersona, Stay, Moon, Jamaisvu, Trivia, BTSCipherPart3, Outroego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, Zero, Euphoria, Dimple
  • CD3: Jump. Aemehansai. BoyInLuv. Ttaompyo. INeedu. BoyzWithFun. TonyMontana. YoungForever. SpringDay. DNA. Epiphany. Seesaw. StillWithYou. ForYouth.


The Proof BTS Photos are in the top trending Google searches since yesterday’s release of the BTS proof album. Fans eagerly await the release and to purchase the photocards. The album celebrates the nine-year BTS musical journey and releases their 9 year old songs in an anthology series.

Preorders for the album, and freebie photocards, opened on May 5, at 11 AM KST. You can book your preorders via the we-verse app. The album has been released online via music streaming services. CDs and photocards can also be purchased from Amazon, Ubuy, and other retailers.

Information about album

Along with the proof album, Proof TTS Photocards cost will be added. These postcards can be purchased with the entire album.

  • The album is available in two versions for global BTS fans.
  • The standard edition is $51.
  • The Proof set edition costs approximately 68.93 USD.
  • The album is now available in the United States at
  • The compact edition is $20.90
  • The Standard edition is $65.90.

The proof album includes the 3 CDs, photos, photocards (a & b), epilogue and lyrics. It also contains posters, proof art, an outer box and postcards.


The Proof BTS Photos article provided information that the BTS album is popular on all streaming services. They began their musical journey in 2013 and decided to celebrate their nine years of musical excellence.