“More than 50% of people can recall a brand or advertiser on their promotional mug.”

Promotional mugs are becoming popular, with increased sales observed in the promotional industry. You can find these promo items almost everywhere; homes, schools, offices, hotels, conferences rooms etc., and are sold as promotional merchandise in stores.

This popularity is due to the known significance of cheap promotional mugs as valuable and essential promotional gifts. Are you interested in learning the benefits that this small yet practical item can bring to your business, or as an individual, would you like to know how the promotional mug makes a memorable gift that would earn you good points with your recipients?

Then, read on to know more about “Promotional mug; a useful and essential promotional gift”, written in this article below:

  • Reasons why mugs are one of the most useful and effective promotional products.
  • Different types of promotional mugs.
  • Best branding techniques for mugs.
  • How to use promotional mugs to leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

 Reasons why mugs are one of the most useful and effective promotional products

Promotional mugs are either branded, personalized or customized with a message, logo, design, picture or name. They have a good surface area, making them suitable and promising for branding. A business, brand or company usually distribute branded mugs to the general public, customers, clients, employees, business partners, or attendees of an event. Also, they can be spread by individuals to special commemorative events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. 

Over the years, cheap promotional mugs have gained popularity, a cost-effective yet rewarding tactic in advertising and marketing strategy. They have proven to achieve meaningful branding goals by boosting brand awareness, visibility, engagement and ultimately conversion in the long run. Their practical nature and mobility make them powerful for frequent brand exposure. Also, their stylish, trendy and valuable significance makes them a good tool for kickstarting social media conversations and amplifying campaigns.

Promotional branded mugs are among the most useful and effective promotional items due to their high practical value, convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Initially used for drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate, there is a higher demand for mugs. This demand is due to their reusability associated with other currently discovered uses such as pen holders, flower pots, decorative souvenirs, and other DIY services. Products of good quality, utility and durability are usually cherished by users, and the branded mug is no exception.

Mugs have a low production cost compared to their high value and compared with other corporate gifts. Branded cups suitable for massive giveaways at conferences, fairs, seminars, Tradeshows, exhibitions and other events. They are also ideal for holiday gifts, public prizes, social media giveaways, and employees’ gifts. In this way, they help expand your reach boost brand recognition while providing value to consumers cost-effectively.

Different types of promotional mugs

A smart move to a successful promotional tactic lies in selecting your cheap promotional mugs. To minimize costs while maximizing potential returns, you should go for promotional gifts that align with your target recipients’ interests or tastes while working well for your brand. However, when in doubt, the best option would be to go for the most popular promotional mugs that cater to the generic public and are widely used, such as business promotional coffee mugs, promotional travel mugs, promotional printed coffee mugs. The more popular the item is, the more accepted and successful the promotional tactic.

Promotional branded mugs are available in varieties, different in size and colours. Branded cups might also differ in their manufacturing material, such as porcelain, metal, plastic, chalk, forsa, wooden, and stainless steel. Also, they might be produced for different purposes and with additional features such as sublimation mug, compact vacuum mug, coffee mug, travel mug, the dual mug with spoon, geometric mug, easy lock mug, magic mug etc. Furthermore, there are eco-friendly options such as reusable mugs and recyclable mugs.

Best branding techniques for promotional mugs

People hardly turn away promotional mugs; therefore, you must choose a tasteful quality mug highlighting your brand message because it will also earn you points for being thoughtful. Also, you must select a good branding design via a branding technique to conveniently share your brand message with your intended recipients. The best branding techniques for your promotional travel mugs, promotional printed coffee mugs, business promotional coffee mugs and other branded mugs are pad printing, round screen printing, ceramic transfer and laser engraving.

Pad printing transfers a 2-D image or design cut on a silicone pad via laser printing to the mugs via heat. It is usually recommended to create extremely fine detail and for full colors. Round screen printing is excellent for cylindrical branding products such as promotional mugs; it involves the application of heat to transfer the logo design from a screen to a mug. Also, it is convenient for materials such as ceramics, metals, glass and ceramics. You should choose the best branding techniques to convey your promotional message seamlessly display your logo or design aesthetically.

The ceramic transfer involves a process similar to round screen printing but with subsequent baking of the ceramic mug to open up the ceramic pores and let the ink infuse well. Laser engraving involves a digital process of printing the design or logo on the ceramic mug via a laser beam, controlled by a computer. Hence, with these techniques, you can convey your promotional message seamlessly, display your logo design aesthetically and share your brand message efficiently. 

How to use promotional mugs to leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers

Promotional mugs belong to this category of most sought-after branded items that won’t let you down. Mugs are used by everyone, primarily for drinking and thus giving you an edge by making your brand or business enter into the users’ private lives. Your brand message is reinforced due to the frequent use of branded mugs in the long run, and brand perception is repetitively nourished in their minds. This offers a simple, friendly, and powerful approach to boosting your sales.

Promotional branded mugs are a popular choice of promotional items because the rewards it brings in usually outweighs the cost. Therefore, they are embraced by both small and large businesses to boost traffic, interact with potential leads, boost employee morale, strengthen teamwork and influence brand perception and product purchase. As an individual, these mugs can help you grow your reputation by establishing a positive impact in the minds of the recipients. In return, this solidifies the relationships between both parties while forging new ones.

As a drinkware promo piece and appealing corporate gift, the branded mug can leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Once received by your recipients, it is rarely discarded or thrown away but instead used. Also, promotional printed coffee mugs, promotional coffee mugs and promotional travel mugs are frequently used in the kitchen, home, offices or other places or served drinks to visitors or those around the user. Therefore, in this way, you can continually reach new prospects asides from the initial user, and with its long-lasting shelf life, a single mug can get further and more prospects for years to come.

Studies have shown that over 50% of people are likely to give away a promo product. Indeed, this is good news because you can use the promotional mug to acquire more leads. When your promotional mug is given away to someone else, it produces another never-ending chain of impressions, significantly boosting your brand visibility. Therefore, you should think of your promotional mug as an untypical trendy business card that can introduce your brand, business or company to your target audience in a fun, subtle, yet persuasive way.

In summary, this article would have shared insights into why you shouldn’t cross out promotional mugs from your list of promotional gifts because they remain a useful and essential promotional gift that would make you achieve branding goals and hit marketing milestones. Also, a promotional mug is a very thoughtful gift that would establish or strengthen a good relationship between you and the recipient.

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