When YouTube went public, it created winners and losers among its users. The channel owners who had the most success building an audience took a huge hit when their videos became searchable by Google. This is where native advertising comes into play for those YouTube business owners that want to build a presence on their platform. Here are nine ways to promote your YouTube channel for free, which doesn’t require you to invest any money!

1. Ask existing viewers to subscribe or register on your website: By using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can ask viewers of your videos to subscribe or register on your website for they to get notifications of when new videos go live.

2. Place links in your YouTube video descriptions: When using YouTube, include links or social media sites with your videos, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

3. Discuss content ideas with an audience on Reddit: You can invite existing viewers to discuss content ideas with you on Reddit. This will make them feel more involved in your channel while learning about new ideas for future videos.

4 talking about educational content: Share something exciting and educational through a video you upload on YouTube. This could be a podcast, educational video or even an article. Make sure your audience understands the concepts you are trying to convey through the videos you post. Buy youtube views 125000

5. Publicly post responses to a video on YouTube: This will allow you to respond directly to viewers and provide your own opinion on the video you are talking about. It also allows viewers overwhelmed with the volume of videos to go back through your channel and see what videos you have made previously that might be helpful for them.

6. Give away free content or sponsor a contest: If you have something interesting, give it away for free or sponsor a contest where fans can upload their best footage of their favourite sports team or write the contest winner as an entry into a grand prize drawing. Buy youtube subscribers

7. Sponsor a contest: If you want to show your support for a charity, consider hosting a contest that raises awareness of an issue. The more creative you get, the better your chances of getting people to pay attention to your YouTube channel.

8. Post photos and videos on Instagram: Take photos and videos with your phone, share them on Instagram and then post the links in your video descriptions and on Pinterest and Twitter. You could also take a screenshot of something else that interests you, such as an article, and then add it to your link post so that viewers can click directly from YouTube to see what information is available through the link you are posting.

9. Create a YouTube live broadcast: If you want to be very hands-on with your channel content, consider creating a live broadcast that you post online so people can come to watch live as you talk about new ideas for future videos. 

Choosing a Good YouTube Marketing Strategy.

You’ve built a quality product. You’ve attracted tons of fans. Your content is excellent. It would be best if you cemented your success by leveraging the power of YouTube’s advertising platform. Below you’ll find everything you need to get your videos in front of new viewers and convert them into customers when they see one or more of your videos during a video search. Keep these tips in mind as you plan your next video creation:

1. Get an exemplary video hosting service: Choose a video hosting service that allows you to upload multiple videos simultaneously. This will help speed up the process as you create and publish videos over multiple days or weeks instead of just one time.

2. Include call-to-action services: If you want to ask viewers to subscribe, leave a comment about what you want them to do, and make sure your video hosting service allows you to do this in the video description.

3. Make a good thumbnail: The first thing viewers see when they click on a video will be your thumbnail and the title of your video. Make sure it will catch their interest and lead them to watch what is inside the video you’re making.

4. Enable comments: When a viewer makes a comment or shares your video, it will show up on your chosen YouTube channel. This can lead to more views and subscribers. Make sure your channel settings allow this to happen.

5. Choose the correct tags: Tags tell YouTube what your video is about, whether it’s funny, has multiple songs, or is about something specific, like music. Choose tags you know viewers will click on when they find your videos through search engines and then click directly on them to see what’s inside the videos you’ve uploaded. 

6. Start your own YouTube channel: You will have more control over your video creation when you own the YouTube channel instead of simply posting videos on someone else’s site.

7. Start a blog and post regularly: You can post directly from the blog or use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+. Then link it to your YouTube channel so viewers can see where you regularly post new content for their enjoyment. Buy youtube views cheap

8. Get feedback: Get feedback from your viewers by asking them what they think of your videos and providing answers, and supporting their comments with additional content. This will help you create better and more valuable videos.

9. Create a YouTube channel for a band or band members: You can use YouTube to get people to subscribe to your channel when you post videos about the music you and your friends create together as a band. Build an audience on YouTube when people know who belongs to the band that you are making music with. 

10. Post a tutorial on the digital camera you use: If you have a website, YouTube channel, or portfolio for the photography or video services that you provide, post a tutorial about how to use your digital camera and make it interesting enough so that people will watch the entire video. You could even create it as an episode of your show where you talk to someone else about what they want to learn.


YouTube marketing is an opportunity to find a wider audience than you could have imagined. However, creating videos that people will want to watch and share with their friends takes time, energy, and especially a good production value. It also takes consistency and regular uploading of new videos on a schedule so that your channel stays consistent for people who are subscribed to it.