How about revamping your personality this time around? If you are interested, you should check out the Proguin online portal before purchasing dresses elsewhere. Proguin is a great portal that sells everything from dresses and sweaters to stockings and more, at the lowest prices. We encourage you to review this website and the Proguin reviews. Many people living in the United States have selected this website to purchase different products from here.

With the development of technology, the use of the Internet has also increased. There are many advantages to buying online, so more customers would rather buy online than research traditional methods of shopping. So, let’s explore some reviews, pricing, benefits, and limitations of buying on this website. Also, browse all the reviews to find out more about the same.

A little more about Proguin

Proguin is an online website that has made a variety of products accessible on one platform, and there are many offers that you can buy without spending a large amount on the same. Additionally, this site also has a new collection, shoppers who are considering shopping online can subscribe to the monthly newsletter to learn more about other great deals.

Specifications of Proguin

• The website URL is

• Proguin is an international online company that offers

• All details relating to us, contact information is mentioned.

• Customers can expect prompt delivery of their orders.

• The site was created on 2020-11-03.

• Standard shipping takes at least 7-15 business days.

• There are different methods of paying the amount, such as Visa, Master Card, PayPal, and others.

• The subscription option is available on the website.

• Once the returns are available, customers can get the return within ten days.

• The e-mail identifier presented on this portal is [email protected]

• International online shoppers can easily shop on this website.

• Free shipping is available on all orders over $ 69

Benefits of shopping from Proguin

• National and international buyers can order products here.

• Email ID and other details are available online.

• New buyers will get 5% off using a promo code.

• All policies mentioned on the website.

Cons of buying from Proguin

• The prices of some products are higher.

• Few Proguin Reviews are presented.

• Extended shipping and shipping times.

• is a fairly new website (almost less than six months old).

• The domain name of this website was registered on March 11, 2020.

Is Proguin Legit?

Shopping online is fun, but on the other hand, all online shoppers should stay informed. The website has some great deals and discounts, which are available elsewhere. Fortunately, Proguin seems like a decent platform, but it has been the online market for a long time of over six months, but no popularity has had it. still won. However, you are advised to check other sources, and no contact number is mentioned.

What are the Proguin reviews?

While trying to know the accuracy of this website, we have referred to different social media platforms to learn more about this site. But one of the big shortcomings of this website is that it didn’t provide any contact information.

While crawling the entire website, we did not find any reviews, even though the site has been running for over six months. In addition, no such index is available on the site, whether the products and services on this platform are reliable or not. In addition, no reviews are available on social media sites. So, this site looks suspicious, and we suggest you stay away from the same.

The bottom line

After investigating this portal, we realized that this online store is very popular and seems reliable. But the coordinates, which are the most important, are missing. No information and no facts related to the address of the company and a contact number are mentioned on the website. Some negative reviews are also posted on different social media pseudonyms and it has a very high trust score. Therefore, we cannot recommend the use of this site yet.

If you buy any product online from this website, you may lose your money. So we suggest that you don’t trust this website yet and make sure you dive into the platform first, if you have purchased anything from this portal, we encourage you to share your reviews on Proguin in the comments section mentioned below.We are happy to help.