So, it’s summertime, and you are all geared up for lounging by the poolside, right? But, you are not alone eager for the pool time there are pests too. Insects are as happy to swarm down the water sources. 

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If you don’t want to share your pool time fun with spiders, mosquitoes, flies, and other creepy crawlies, then you need to be well prepared to prevent those uninvited guests from ruining your family time. 

Fortunately, in this article, we will be enlisting professional tips to enjoy pests-free summer. 

So, let’s scroll down to find out:

Install a Pool Enclosure

Are you looking at a long-term solution for the pest problem? Installing a pool enclosure is worth consideration. A pool enclosure keeps rugs, rodents, snakes, and other dangerous creatures at bay. It will ensure that the pests do not ruin your peaceful summertime with family. 

It will act as a barrier to save your wandering kid or pet from falling into the pool water accidentally. Thus saving time as you don’t have to spray out the bugs and clean up the pool water afterward. 

A Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover keeps bugs away from the pool water, by acting as a strong barrier. Keeping your pool water covered benefits by preventing the birds flying around to accidentally get into the pool water and drown, also protects the pet from jumping in the pool. 

Not only does a solar pool cover ensure that your pool is free of pests, but it helps in maintaining optimum pool water temperature via trapping the sun’s heat, and transferring it to the water.

Regular Pool Brushing

Algae growth is attractive to the insects, therefore regular brushing sessions must be done regularly to thwart algae from blooming. This reduces the amounts of insects that will be hanging out in the pool water. 

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Once you’re done with pool brushing, then you must vacuum the debris leftover.  

Chemical Treatments

A frequently treated pool water is less likely to attract pests. They won’t be able to lay their eggs in pool water that is freshly treated. 

Further, chemical treatments stop the growth of algae, making the pool water unattractive to all the creepy creatures.

Landscape Maintenance

Any branches, trees, or leaves hanging over the pool must be taken care of immediately. 

While greenery creates a soothing poolside ambiance, but unkempt trees and branches can attract insects, they need to be maintained well to avoid such nuisance. 

Minimize Pool Lighting

Pool lights attract a massive swarm of insects. 

Turn off the pool lights when you or someone in your family is not near the swimming pool, especially at night. 

Replace the UV bulbs in your pool lights with the LED lights as the latter are attractive to insects.  

Remove Water Resources

Besides the pool water, there could be other resources of water lurking on your property inviting mosquitoes & other insects, which are drawn to stagnant moisture. 

You must thoroughly inspect the house for water presence, leaking taps, and accumulated rain and leakages.

Get rid of all such water resources as they encourage the breeding of mosquitoes. 

In the end, it is highly advisable to hire a professional pest controller to deal with pets, in an eco-friendly manner. Research well to know their market reputation before you finalize their service. 


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