The advent of online shopping has done wonders for the commercial shopping experience for countless people. It allows one to stay at home in the comfortable air conditioning while buying everything they need, while also saving money from not having to take public transportation or drive your car down to the mall.

One of the other great benefits of online shopping is how it allows you to buy certain products that you both want and need in an anonymous and private way. There are certain items that we can just feel awkward about buying in stores, especially if they are things kept behind the counter or in locked cabinets where we have to ask for special permission to get at them.

Below are a list of potentially embarrassing but highly useful items that we can now buy online:

1. Tanning Products

Lots of us want to look our best with a glowing and fabulous tan, but some of us would also rather buy tanning butter online and similar products that will allow us a UV-free tanning experience. At the same time, however, it would be nice to get judged by others who see us buying these tanning products in stores. They say there’s no shame, but a lot of people would just rather not take any chances.

2. Sex-Related Products

Buying condoms and other contraceptives can be very embarrassing for people of all ages, especially those who live in smaller rural towns and communities who don’t necessarily want it getting about town via the gossip mill whether or not they are sexually active. 

It can get even more awkward if you’re quarry for the shopping trip is sex toys or other tools that you’re looking at to spice things up with your other half. Even if you buy them discreetly, you still have to carry them about for the rest of your shopping day and all the way home.

3. Over-the-Counter Medical Products

Another key area of life we’d rather keep private are those little everyday ailments which may not warrant seeing a doctor or seeking prescription medicine, but still require us to purchase potentially embarrassing items for relief. Good examples include things like haemorrhoid cream, a lice cleaning kit, sprays and products for foot odour, or high-intensity anti-dandruff shampoo…you get the idea.

Buying online means you can stock your home cupboard with all the stuff you need and no one need be any the wiser.

4. Alcohol

Buying alcohol can feel awkward for different reasons, and once again is felt a bit more sharply in smaller towns where people feel afraid of being judged by their neighbours. It’s even worse if you do your shopping in the morning! Let’s say that you don’t drink excessively yourself, but you often have friends over, as well as visiting family, so you always keep a good stock in the house. 

Well, keeping that stock maintained can mean some pretty hefty purchases on a regular basis, which may raise a few eyebrows. Switch your main ordering to online and save the supermarket alcohol purchases for just emergencies.

5. Cosplay Outfits

If you’re a cosplay hobbyist and like to buy the outfits to keep rather than just to rent, they can make for awkward purchases in full view of the public. Purchasing online doesn’t just remove the awkwardness, but also gives you a lot more choices!

6. Toilet Products

Finally, even functional items like toilet paper, toilet cleaner, a plunger, drain cleaner and other things that suggest to others “I use my toilet!” or “My toilet is blocked!” can be a little embarrassing to buy, especially if you need a lot of them all at once. Buy everything you need online, save some money and avoid the troubled stares from your fellow shoppers.