Donor Egg IVF: As the problem of infertility is rising day by day. Every 3rd of the couple is facing an issue in becoming parents. As because of the infertility issue. Many of them get a problem in getting pregnant and conceiving a baby for 12 months. Typically, infertility can be cured by this, with the help of IVF treatment. But at some time, when the result of this is not fruitful, then the doctors go for Donor egg IVF treatment. As in every city, many IVF clinics and infertility hospitals are there to provide treatment related to such issues.

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What is the donor egg IVF treatment?

In this process, when through the IVF treatment the patient’s eggs are not working, then the doctor should opt for the donor egg IVF process in which the surgeon takes out eggs or egg from the donor’s body and makes them get mixed up with the sperm in the artificial laboratory. When the embryo is starting developing, they implant the resulting embryo into the recipient uterus. This can be the same as in vitro fertilization. 

What is an In Vitro Fertilization?

In vitro fertilization is the process through which women can get pregnant and conceive a baby. In this process, surgeons take out the eggs from the female’s ovaries. And in the artificial laboratory, the eggs are mix up with sperms. After successful transplant of embryos, doctors wait for 2-3 weeks to check pregnancy whether it is successful or not. 

Process of Donor Egg IVF Treatment Step by Step

The procedure of donor egg IVF is complete in 7 steps. And after completion of all the seven steps, we should know whether the woman can conceive or not. All the seven steps are mentioned below:-

1. Testing of fertility – 

This is the first step in the IVF process in which infertility tests of women are done, and doctors know about the exact cause of infertility. The doctors conduct this through which they would see the reason behind the infertility problems in patients. After examining the patients’ condition and further explanations, the doctor should suggest the best treatment. 

2. Counselling-

Counselling is also one of the critical steps before which the patients undergo any procedure concerning infertility. While going through this doctor tells you why infertility occurs, and if the surgeon thinks that there is a need for donor egg IVF, he would advise the patients to go for the same because of their present conditions, age factors or others. They explain to you all about the process and advantages of this donor egg IVF. 

3. Matching donor egg-

This is the step in which donor eggs should match the eggs of patients. The donor may be one of the patient’s relatives, friends or family members. If patients demand an unknown egg donor, they should seek help from the egg donor bank according to the background and financial status choices

4.  Retrieving egg from donor- 

If you have selected the donor, then the donor must be a fresh donor after this cycle circulates to match the patients’ cycle. Now the eggs are salvaged from the donor, and now the process is started. If you have taken the frozen egg from the donor bank, they store directly, and after this, the other method is performed.

5. Creation of Embryo-

In this step, the eggs, which are the donor egg, is fertilize with the sperm in-hospital laboratory, under a trivial situation similar to females’ bodies. And the process through which the embryo is performed is kept under watch. 

6.  Embryo transfer –

When the fertilized embryo starts breaking up in the incubator itself, that means it is ready to transfer in the mother’s womb or the recipient’s uterus. 

7. Pregnancy test- 

This is the last step through which check the confirmation of pregnancy. Surgeons say that the process is successful only if the embryo gets fix with the uterus’s inner lining. At least for checking the positive result of pregnancy, a blood test is conduct in order to check the effect of Donor egg IVF treatment. 

At Mishka IVF – Donor egg IVF Treatment 

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Keynote of the blog 

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