When your sponsor licence application is granted by the UK Home Office, it is valid for just 4 years, you will have to renew it before it expires. Once you apply for a sponsor licence renewal you will be granted licence for another 4 years.

Let us understand the procedure for sponsor licence renewal and what are the eligibility requirements.

Main requirements for licence renewal

As an existing sponsor licence holder you must already be using the Sponsorship Management System(SMS), which is also used to apply for licence renewal.

You need to raise a fresh application through SMS.

Once you have submitted, you will be asked to send some additional information or documentation.

All these documents that you need to send must be sent within 5 working days.

If as a UK employer you fail to submit documents within this time frame, the UK Home Office may downgrade your certificate of sponsorship or it could be that your licence is suspended or sponsor licence revocation.

At the point when you apply to restore your sponsor licence, the UK Home Office might visit your business premises. This is especially possible on the off chance that you have not gotten a Home Office visit over the most recent 4 years.

On the off chance that the UK Home Office officials have any worries about your activities as a support then they might minimise or deny your licence.

Procedure for renewal

As an organisation you can apply to reestablish your licence up to a limit of 90 days before your licence is expected to lapse.

In the event that you have any skilled worker working for yourself and you need them to keep working for you, you should renew your licence before it terminates, regardless of whether you intend to hire any new workers.

Prior to applying for renewal to sponsor licence, it is significant that you must have a thorough audit to guarantee that subtleties are right and that all sponsor obligations have been consented to.

In the event that you neglect to reestablish your support permit, you can not appoint additional CoS and your organization subtleties will be taken out from the web-based public register of authorized backers.

In the event that you neglect to renew yet keep on utilizing workers, their leave will be abridged. This implies that they will have their visa abbreviated to 60 days, after which point they should switch migration class, leave the UK or be dependent upon expulsion.

How to make a successful application?

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