The great skater Mark Rogowski was convicted in a murder case for killing his girlfriend. Already at a young age, he became an international star in the skateboarding world. He committed the crime in 1991 and spent 31 years in prison.

The United States wants to know more about skates and his life. Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend news gives them a better understanding of skater.

Marek Rogowski’s early years

Mark Rogowski was born in New York City and moved to California at the age of three after his parents separated.

Marck started skateboarding at the age of seven, and the local skateboard team selected him for their team in 1978.

Skateboarding career

At the age of 14, Mark began his professional career with skateboarding. He was a gifted athlete and this trait helped him fly high in this field.

In 1982, he participated in and won the Canadian Amateur Skateboarding Championships in Vancouver. It was his first major victory in his career.

But suddenly people met Pro Skateboarder Killed Girlfriend after he had a bad break up.

Marek Rogowski’s personal life

In 1987, he met Brandy McClain, a seventeen-year-old girl. The duo started dating and fell in love with each other. McClain moved to California with Mark and began to live with him.

The duo were inseparable and they went to every party together. Mark took Brandy wherever he visited, be it while shooting or filming commercials. People can see them together in Tom Pretty’s music video known as “Free Fallin”.

What incident changed his life?

Before getting answers as to why the Pro Skateboarder killed the girl, US citizens need to know about the accident.

Rogowski was known for his out of control and drinking problems. In 1990, while participating in the World Cup, he went missing at a party.

He was completely drunk and climbed onto the construction crane. He dove from a two-story hotel and landed wrongly on an iron fence.

This incident changed his life and began to rediscover himself. Mark dedicated his life to Jesus and wanted Brandy to follow this path as well.

But she did not want to leave a fun life, and this caused complications in their relationship.

Why did Pro Skateboarder kill a girl?

Brandy and Mark broke up after he changed his life path. Due to this breakup, Mark became aggressive and began to threaten McClain via voicemail.

Jessica, Brandy’s best friend, called Mark for a meeting in San Diego. They spent the day together and had a good time. While drunk, Mark hit Jessica on the head. He killed her brutally and dumped her body in the desert.


Mark committed a serious crime for which he was sentenced to 31 years in prison. He was imprisoned for the death and rape of Jessica Bergsten.

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