Since there is no second thought about the importance and positive effects of EMDR therapy, the need for the private EMDR therapyis always high.Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is really a powerful therapy which helps the people recover from their traumatic conditions happened in their lives.

Is EMDR Therapy Recognized?

Well, if you are among those few people, who are not aware of its importance and legality and who do not believe in this therapy, you need to understand that how effectual it is and how is it practiced legally? EMDR is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). When the popular and authentic world health organizations approve the therapy, there is no chance to take the eyes off the treatment taken place through EMDR therapy.

Why the Need of a Private EMDR Therapy Takes Place?

The need to see a private therapist takes places due to the obvious reasons of the patient’s getting a closer and deeper observation of the condition and its treatment. By taking an appointment from the therapist, you may discuss your condition in detail, and get a comprehensive check-up and treatment solely. 

Are the Private EMDR Therapists Experienced and Accredited?

For the answer, ‘yes’, they are not only experienced, but also accredited mental healthcare professionals. If you even consult them at a public hospital or public healthcare institution, nonetheless you will find the accredited and experienced therapists there. The only difference is that when private, a patient is treated comprehensively and his or her treatment takes place solely. 

How Much Does This Therapy Cost?

The general cost of EMDR Therapy costs in between $100 to $250 per session/hour. If you go for a private EMDR therapy, it could cost higher. The session, on average, lasts from I to 2 hours. 

How Much Does Complicated Case of Trauma Cost?

If the trauma is complicated and laced with difficulties, the treatment of the therapy could last longer than the usual. And the cost of per session, if in UK, could range between £35 to £45.

Is It Possible to Have a Private EMDR Therapy Online?

Since it is a mental treatment in which patient’s traumatic condition is treated for the recovery, it can be done both in physical sessions and online. It all depends on patient’s situation and his or her mental health. If the case is complicated, may be the patient should go for in person sessions. 

Can EMDR Be Done by Own?

To tell it straight, yes, it could be done. It is possible to self-administer EMDR by yourself. But it is strictly not recommended. The only case, in which it can be self-administered, where you have a small-scale trauma like ‘minor’ which took place short time back.

If you are seeking a private EMDR Therapy in London area, Vyas-Lee Practice is the best option where you will find a team of experts, experienced and qualified therapists to treat you in courteous manner.  

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