Diwali is India’s most anticipated holiday. It is the season of the year when we get to see our families. Shopping, sweets, relatives, Diwali puja, and crackers may bring back fond memories of this holiday. If we look back to our childhood memories of Diwali, we will see that much has changed.

While the customs haven’t changed, the manner they’re followed changes. We have become so used to technology that we have forgotten the real spirit of all our ancient rites.

Clubbing has replaced the tradition of visiting each other’s houses on Diwali. We prefer drinking to ceremonies. We are too busy with work to enjoy the holiday like we used to.

We should attempt to enjoy the event the way we used to.

Diwali is all about family, sweets, outstanding cuisine, and traditions.

Transform Your Home

Why not give your house a facelift this Diwali? It is the ideal time to add all the new components to your home. Change the bedsheets or drapes first with excellent and high-quality printed cotton fabric. This will completely transform your house. Changing the placement of your furniture can also help you give it a fresh appearance. These additional features will encourage you to contact your family and spend more time with them.

Wear Sarees & Salwar Kameez

Traditional attire is timeless for holidays like Diwali. This Diwali, skip the trendy outfits and go for sarees and salwar suits. Sarees are elegant and simple enough for festivals. We have a large selection of sarees for sale online. We’ve handpicked the finest ethnic wear for you. Our new festive collection is perfect for Diwali celebrations.

A salwar suit is another suitable Diwali outfit. It is also one of the comfiest festival costumes.

Well, a Cotton Print by Tirumal just makes the right wardrobe for you!

No Diwali is complete without a light show. You may go traditional here and light diyas instead of contemporary electric lights. We hope these diyas will not only remind you of our great culture but also assist you in lighting up the community’s house. This is the greatest method to help the impoverished. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the festival’s music, dancing, and cuisine.

Let us help you select textiles for this Diwali. Checkout Tirumal’s Diwali Fabric Collection:

We know you’re searching for the finest clothes to wear during Diwali. However, because this is a celebration of lights, firecrackers, and diyas, it is essential to not only select the appropriate clothing. But selecting the proper fabric is also vital.


Chanderi is one of the safest textiles to wear during this occasion. These are usually made of cotton and silk and adorned with distinctive decorations.


Cotton, the most popular, organic, and soft fabric, is suitable for formal and informal situations. Also, the solid cloth is less likely to catch fire while wearing them while smoking crackers.


Georgette is, a kind of extreme tie-dye cloth, is popular in northern India. These are bright knotted string fabrics ideal for appliques. This occasion calls for a beautiful Bandhani saree or Anarkali.


Nothing compares to the elegance of silk fabric. These are not only stylish but also exceptionally comfy to carry. A traditional silk sharp outfit or Anarkali is the way to go this festive season.

Calico Print

Calico print is a raw, unbleached cotton fabric. As a “loom state fabric,” it is marketed as-is after the last stitch has been woven and is frequently characterized as “half-processed cotton cloth.” There are specks of cotton seeds in the finished product, which gives this plain weave cloth a pale beige or gray coloration. Calico is popular for designers’ toiles or mock-ups created before final clothes are manufactured in more costly materials.

Choose your t-fabric shirt’s

Custom t-shirts are made from three kinds of materials. It includes cotton, polyester, and a mix. Hence, most t-shirts are made of cotton.

It’s silky and cozy. It is airy and does not sting or cause irritation. Also, it is sustainable since it is natural.

Polyester is another standard synthetic fabric. It’s long-lasting, dries quickly, and doesn’t shrink.

Its color does not bleed and therefore keeps its look. In addition, it is comfortable to clean and use. It is not appropriate for hot temperatures and may irritate some.

Blended textiles are t-shirt fabrics made from several materials: Cotton and polyester, or cotton, rayon, and polyester.

Polyester is not suited for Delhi’s hot heat. You may wear polyester because Diwali occurs in the winter. You may use cotton or a mix if you anticipate them to use it after Diwali.

Our Fabrics for textile printing

The numerous print heads in digital textile printing guarantee high-quality patterns and rapid manufacturing. Because the print heads are near to the cloth, certain materials cannot be printed digitally. Fabrics with loose threads, for example, may harm the print heads.

Digital textile printing works on both woven and knitted textiles. Listed below are materials acceptable for digital printing and those not:

Cotton is a natural fabric extensively used in apparel due to its excellent moisture management, comfort, and durability. A digital textile printer can print on cotton. Most digital printers utilize reactive inks because they are the most washable for printing on cotton.

Regardless, we make sure to deliver a high-quality and standard printed cotton fabric online!