Do you know that Suicide Prevention Day falls on the 10th of September? Do you know the theme for this years Suicide Prevention Day Day? Awareness of this tragic issue is vital as over 700000 suicides are reported each year. The number of suicide attempts is greater than the number of people who die each year from this tragedy.

WPSD created awareness in countries such as India and the Philippines. Prevention Day Suicide quotes have detailed discussed this issue on this year’s Suicide Day.

Messages and Quotes for World Suicide Day.

Below are some thoughts and quotes to help you remember this year’s Suicide Day. These messages can be used for awareness and to encourage suicide prevention.

  • Help people beat depression and rejection, and be a force for change in the world.
  • Don’t stress people at work; create a great atmosphere at work.
  • Warm wishes for the World Suicide Prevention Day.
  • Life is too valuable and precious to be wasted. Happy World Suicide Prevention Day.

World Suicide Prevention Day, 2022:

There are many ways that death rates vary across the globe. The death rate is higher in developing nations, but figures from the United Kingdom or the United States do not look promising. America has a 14.5% death rate, while England sees 6.9 deaths per 100,000 annually. This menace also affects developed countries.

International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and World Health Organization co-founded the WSPD in 2003. Since 2003, this event has been celebrated every year on the tenth of September. There are many websites where World Suicide Prevention Day Images can be found. We have listed a few below.

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The suicide prevention day images can be used as social media display pictures to raise awareness of this tragic event.

How to Prevent Suicides and Control Them?

This tragedy is preventable. WHO has listed ways to stop suicide occurring around the world.

  • Locate suicidal tendencies within your nearest friends and respond quickly.
  • There must be less pressure at home and work.
  • Limit suicide options like pesticides, certain medicines, and other drugs.

Prevention Day: Suicide Quotes , and Themes

WPSD will run a three-year theme to mark World Suicide Prevention Day in 2021-2023. This year, the theme will be “Creating Hope through Action,” which will also remain the same. IASP organises a series in over 60 countries each year to spread awareness about the importance of life.

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Final verdict

It’s important to get beyond it and work at a lower level to stop it. Prevention Day, Suicide Quotes believes addressing this issue at the work and family levels can help to manage this tragedy.

Do you believe WPSD efforts could help reduce this tragedy Leave your thoughts in our comments section.