Are you looking for trendy Christmas tree print T-shirts, tops and other dresses? has an amazing collection of clothing, shoes, etc. related to the Christmas season. You can choose any of your favorite choices and enjoy its collections. Due to the current holiday season, Americans are in a rush to find out more on the website. We will provide valid opinions from Pretzelies com regarding the legitimacy of the products. So let’s go.

What is

This website has collections like hoodies, casual warm pants, sweatshirts, shoes, socks, hats, etc. It also has the best selling products, new arrivals, hot collections, accessories sections, where you can check out the latest trending products.

There is also a Help Center section where you can detail the size guide where you can check the sizes based on the clothes or shoes you buy. On top of that, the website also has an about us page section, return and exchange policy, shipping details, and many more that are needed when purchasing a product. Even though the website contains all the valid information needed during any payment, Pretzelies com Reviews are required for security purposes. Let’s check the reviews on the website in detail.


• Website Details – Online site for purchasing clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

• Payment details – Visa, Paypal, etc.

• Shipping – around 7-15 working days

• Refund policy – 15 days after the date of receipt

• Company address – not mentioned

• Contact number – not mentioned

• Email address – [email protected]


• The products available on the site are varied in terms of design colors etc.

• According to Pretzelies com Reviews, you will find the trends and the latest fashion collections on the site.

• Christmas print clothes are also available, making them more attractive for the holidays.

The inconvenients:

• The contact details of the owner of the website are not available, making it suspicious for Americans to invest money in it.

• To contact their customer support, the only contact email address is the mention, so it is a disadvantage for the site to prove its legitimacy.

• With our detailed reviews of Pretzelies com, we have learned that the website has a lot of negative reviews, this is another downside for the site.

Is legit?

The website fails to prove its legitimacy through many factors like negative reviews in Google, content copied into the website like page section of our website, missing owner information, number and the missing company address, and many more. According to Pretzelies com Reviews, this website is not trustworthy to invest money as there are many drawbacks to proving it to be a legitimate website.

At first glance, the website shows many amazing collections related to Christmas sales, trending products, sales, shoes, accessories, hats, stockings, pants, dresses, hoodies, etc. , which makes it attractive. But although we have researched in detail, the website fails to be efficient at shopping due to its negative reviews and a lot of missing information.

We advise you to better invest your money in trusted sites where you get all valid data and positive reviews. We want your money to be safe and secure, and we hope our website based reviews will be a good option for you to decide whether or not to invest money in the website.

What are Pretzelies com reviews?

The reviews we got based on the detailed check were not positive, although the website has a lot of attractive collections and a variety of options. We do not recommend that you purchase any item from the website due to missing site information and negative reviews. We want you to do proper research before purchasing an item from a website; this will help you decide if your money is safe. There are lots of bogus websites available that will trick you into buying items with great discounts and all. But it’s entirely your decision to stay safe and invest the money only after careful research.

Final verdict

Finally, we can admit that the website is not secure due to our detailed Pretzelies com reviews and we also advise you to make a good decision before investing any money on this website. It is better to go for a reliable site with good returns to buy any product.