This French President Macron resigns will inform readers about Macron’s betrayal and the secret deal he made with an American company.

What do you know about France’s current affairs? France’s president has been told to resign. This news has been so sensational, people from all over the world, including Canada,, have started to search for the reasons for this registration order.

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Why is Emmanuelle Macron being ordered to resign by the cto?

According to internet reports, he was forced to resign because of a covert contract to promote an American company. It has been called “the worst treachery ever” in history.

Leaked information caused a French official and Macron to demand his resignation. A French investigation led by politicians revealed that Macron had a secret deal with Uber, an American corporation.

Reasons for French President Macron resigns

After striking a deal with Uber’s foreign subsidiary, Mr Emmanuel Macron is making headlines. He also assured the company that France would provide the necessary legal requirements to obtain the license. Elisabeth Borne says he is not loyal France, and Mr Macron prioritised national goals over his own.

Sources say he was already leaving France in support of the interests a US corporation. The latest revelation proves his treachery.

Mr. Emmanuel Macron struck a secret agreement with Uber, an American firm, to “make France work at Uber so that in future Uber can operate in and for France” French President Macron resigns because of this betrayal.

Uber Statement regarding this matter

Macron is being criticised and has had his plans scuttled. He also lost his job as a result of his conduct. He is now not respected. Leaked documents show that lobbyists representing the ride-sharing company met with Ministers as part of their Covert efforts in London to influence transport policy.

Uber claims that London is the best place to meet because it is private. But Uber has now secretly denied this lobbyist.

French President Macron resigns was searched extensively as it was hard for people to believe that a postholding Minister could be so dishonest.

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