As soon as a mother delivers her baby, she inherently knows all about motherhood, now that’s a myth I would like to debunk! Oftentimes young mothers are just thrown into this ever-demanding, exhausting, challenging and daunting routine, thinking she is a mother and a mother knows everything. A mother knows everything because she spends so much time with that little one; she learns to take care of the baby. But during the process she begins to lose herself, struggles to maintain a sense of self and soon becomes a zombie who is beginning to get too overwhelmed and overworked. Well if you don’t want to end up like that then start preparing for motherhood before bringing the child into this world.

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Learning things, gathering information, practicing and preparing will eventually make you feel more confident as you wouldn’t have to rush to other people every second. A when mom is gearing up for motherhood she often gets caught up in all things related to the child. His onesies, towels, toiletries, diapers, crib, carrycot, stroller, car seat, rattles and bottles are all on our bucket lists. The list can go on but a baby just doesn’t need all the stuff, he also needs a happy, healthy, sane and vigilant mother.

A mother must think and prepare for every possible scenario that can cause disruption and chaos in her already troublesome life, like stocking up on lactation brownies to boost milk supply, to have a savior’s number on speed dial and many other things which help you to gear up for motherhood. A mother needs to prepare herself as much as she needs to prepare the baby’s room and necessities in order to have a smooth transition into this new phase of life. Here we have jot down a list of things which help you to survive the most emotionally, mentally and physically challenging job one would ever take up.

Learn to Ask for Help

You will not be able to do everything on your own, without the help of anyone else. A new mommy has to knot this tip in her head, if she wishes to go through this journey while staying rational and sane. Ask your siblings, friends, parents or relatives to help you out when the baby comes in the world, don’t be shy, and don’t hold back! If your mother or mother-in-law offers you that they will come over to your house for a few days so that they can help you with your new life, say yes! If your friends offer to make you foods that you can freeze say yes! Trust me you’ll be calling everyone for even the tiniest things like pass the water bottle, dim the lights, pass me that pump and many more, so get used to.

Learn to Love Yourself

After keeping the baby nine months in your belly and delivering him with excruciating pain you deserve to be pampered and not to feel guilty or judged by others. In fact taking care of yourself, spending on yourself and having me time is very important for your sanity, only then you’ll be a vigilant, alert and a heedful parent, right? I’d strongly emphasize on developing self-care habits during pregnancy to have a seamless transition into the new normal life. Go have a massage in a spa, have dinner with friends, make a routine of exercise and take hot showers to unlock those tried muscles.

Take Mommy Courses and Lactation Classes

Don’t just throw yourself in troubled waters without testing them first, that’s a common mistake that new mothers make in the wake of their excitement on the arrival of the baby. I would highly recommend joining a parenting class with your husband in order for him to realize his role in the process and also for the fact that you both have each other’s back in time of need. Both the parents should be on the same page rather one ordering, dictating and making decisions while the other one is clueless.

Also for mothers who want to nurse their young ones should take lactation classes for sure. It will help them in so many ways that I can’t emphasize enough on it.  You’ll be so much more knowledgeable, confident and secured that most of the issues won’t even bother you. In these classes you’re told about positioning, pumping, many changes in breasts, ways to increase milk supplyand many more important things. 

Learn some Skills and Practice Them

Motherhood is tough and you need to understand that there will be times when no one will be around you to help and you’ll be on your own. When these times come, you must be self-sufficient and confident. For that read articles, blogs, books which teach you some skills that will make your parenting experience less daunting and more enjoyable. Learn burping techniques; pamper changing, breastfeeding, running between the rooms, changing clothes in mere seconds, texting, calling and many more things. Also stock up on some of the things that you might need but couldn’t get at that time like lactation brownies to increase milk supply, breast pump, bottles etc. View this website to learn more.

Take Things slowly and don’t get stressed

Well new moms often get really particular about their baby therefore not only they get too worked up and stressed but they also make others around them feel useless or too afraid to offer help. Just focus on the essentials and let go of perfection please. It’s more important that you stay calm and stress-free rather than fretting over those perfect clothes, the right kind of bouncer adjustments and other petty issues. Trust other people and especially your partner, if he wants to help make sure you only encourage him and not only school him on for perfection.

Wrapping Up 

New mothers need to cover all bases before stepping into the world of motherhood; emotionally, physically and mentally. All of these aspects come together to help a woman become a mother in the true sense of the word.