Recently, I passed the Amazon Web services (AWS) Certified Solution Architect Assistant Examination. Although the information is fresh in my mind, I would like to write my experience to help anyone else think of similar certification.

I’m a technical support engineer for new legacy. In my previous work, I was a Devops engineer. I have a lot of experience with Amazon EC2. And flexible load balancing. I’ve used Amazon S3 and Amazon Route53. Which are hosting static websites. Recently, I became very interested in AWS’s lambda. And Amazon’s API gateway, and I built some projects to use no server functions.

With this, here are some tips for those who are advised to prepare for and take the AWS certification exam.

When I first got AWS certification, I made some mistakes at the beginning. After a week, I kept learning for an hour or two every night, but later some things interrupted my daily life. In the end, I decided I needed a tough deadline, so I made a reservation for the exam. In the days leading to the examination, I was a little stressed, but I didn’t put the pressure of the approaching deadline on myself.

Our leaders strongly encourage AWS certification(spoto one). I have a lot of colleagues who have been certified. Some other colleagues are also preparing for the certification examination, so we have been committed to study at the same time, which provides me with more motivation. We also find that the competitiveness of health and happiness will push us to do our best to prepare for the exam.

AWS provides sufficient certification preparation and training opportunities. It gives us motivation to learn through theoretical materials, and it will be more effective to do experiments in the laboratory in the future. Although there is no laboratory in the examination, using the laboratory can obtain the applicable theory in time and make it easier for us to recall the content of the material.

During my preparation for the exam, I answered hundreds of sample questions. Although the subject matter is similar to the knowledge of the required exam, I have never seen practical questions about the actual exam. In this regard, I’m not sure if it will really benefit the candidates to practice the same questions by rote. With this point, the sample problem is very important to my research, because when I have a mistake, I will immediately go back to the material to understand why I was wrong, so as to improve my knowledge.

When taking the actual exam, once you click submit on the page, the answer will return to the server and you cannot change it. You can choose to skip questions and continue to answer them as long as you don’t submit them. However, if you select an option for one question, you cannot jump to another question until you clear the option.

I passed the exam for the first time and submitted all my confirmed answers. Then I did another examinee’s question to see if there are any obvious answers, some of which already have answers! After returning to the more difficult questions, I answered some questions that I am more confident about. This is my recommended test strategy. Finally, I had three or four unanswered questions, so I chose the correct answer and submitted it.

Be patient and make sure you read the questions and options carefully. The exam of the solution architect association exam is multiple-choice. And I’ve had a couple of tough problems, some of which are very similar. In this case, I reread the question, circled the key words, and tried to rule out the options that I thought might not be the answer.

I have about 10 minutes to check at the last minute. So I spent almost 80 minutes on the whole test. Whether you pass the test or not, you will find that you get the test results immediately (the pass line may vary from test to test.) AWS will also send you an email detailing the various areas in the exam.

If you are preparing for the AWS certification exam[spoto two], or just want to know more about the content of the exam, including content and format, please check our post. AWS cloud certification will explain: which certification is suitable for you? Please remember, if you don’t get certification, please try to get it; Because you are trying to be a real cloud architect