It is difficult to find a trustworthy company in the CBD market because it is so saturated. Unfortunately, there is no federal regulation of the CBD industry, making it possible for many fraudsters and others to operate. Due to this, many CBD products are low-quality and companies can use inferior hemp along with other substandard components.

Reports have also indicated that Premium CBD Review There are products that contain no cannabidiol (CBD), or less than the listed amount. Many are of low quality and less potent. Others are scams. CBD buyers should be careful about buying CBD products and brands.

Good news is that there are many reliable and trustworthy CBD manufacturers. One such company would be Premium Jane. This brand is committed innovation and excellence. They are well-known for making high-quality CBD and delta-8 products.Who is Premium Jane and Why?

Established in 2018.Premium Jane CBD ReviewAlthough it is still relatively new on the market, the company has built a solid base of loyal clients. The company’s headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. The PJ Team is made up of biologists and chemists as well marketing developers and industry experts. To ensure that industrial hemp used for its products is pure, the brand works with farmers and agricultural experts.

We were somewhat disappointed that Premium Jane’s mission statement was so similar to those of many other brands. Its mission is to educate the community and provide safe and effective CBD extracts.

Premium Jane does seem to be able to put in the work necessary to live up to their mission. All products are made with USA-grown hemp grown in microclimates that suit the strain. It comes from organic, non-GMO farms and is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Premium Jane began as a CBD brand. Premium Jane recently added a line delta 8 products to their product portfolio. Premium Jane works to keep both types cannabinoid products natural and avoid using artificial flavoring. They instead embrace the natural, terpene based flavor profile of their hemp extracts.

Premium Jane Lab tests its products?

Premium Jane CBD takes great pride in the laboratory testing of all its products. The company uses DB Labs, one of the most reputable labs in America, to test every product.

These lab reports provide information about cannabinoid amount and quality, as well as the presence of terpenes. These lab reports are up-to-date, and all of them were checked in July and August 2021. The reports are available online for anyone to see.

Under each product’s description, you can view the laboratory results. A “COA Page” tab allows you to search for the lab results by entering the batch name or product name. We found that PJ products do not contain any harmful ingredients and are safe for human consumption.

If you see a lab test report that looks outdated, please contact the brand to request a new one. We did however check several of them and all were up-to-date.

Premium Jane Reviews: What Customers Have to Say About the Brand

The Premium Jane CBD website has many customer reviews. You can find them under each product description. The reviews are all positive and show the brand in a very positive light.

Due to the untrustworthy nature of CBD, it can be difficult to trust the information on a brand’s website. It is easy for companies to create customer reviews.

It is therefore important to look at third-party websites that are trusted to find customer reviews about a specific brand. Trustpilot is the best source of CBD reviews.

Although it’s not the best, Premium Jane is rated 4.4 stars overall on the platform. This is remarkable when you consider that there have been over 1,300 reviews. The majority of positive reviews focus on high-quality products and great customer service.

Negative customer reviews are indicative of shipping delays, problems trying to cancel orders or poor customer support. Both great and bad customer service have been mentioned. Overall, though, PJ has received mostly positive reviews from customers, with most satisfied with its products and brand.

Premium Jane sells what products?

Premium Jane now sells both CBD and delta-8 products. We will be reviewing their CBD line as it is the brand’s speciality.

Here are some things you can expect from Premium Jane when shopping.


Premium Jane CBD oil can be found in many flavors and potencies. They also come in full and broad-spectrum formats. The majority of the CBD oil is full-spectrum. However, the brand’s highest potency options (3,000mg & 5,000mg respectively) are broad spectrum, meaning they are completely THC-free.

The CBD oils with lower potencies are full-spectrum. They come in 300mg or 600mg strengths, as well as 1,000mg. These oils are available in Natural, Mint Citrus, Chocolate, and 30ml bottles.

The oils come in 60ml bottles and can be purchased in either a Lemon-lime, or Peach Nectar flavour.

These oils are not only rich in hemp-derived CBD extract but also include coconut-derived MCT, hemp seed oil, flaxseed and natural flavors. These oils are much more affordable than many other brands, especially when you consider the high quality.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are a great way to get CBD. PJ isn’t ignoring this trend. The company claims that their gummies are made from a broad-spectrum of CBD. This is the ideal formula for gummies.

Each gummy has 25mg of CBD and is available in four different flavors. Original Gummies come in a mix of fruit flavors and are packaged in a 30-count container for a potency totaling 750mg.

Other three flavors are Strawberry, Lime, or Mango Berry. Each one comes in a 60 count bottle (1,500mg potency). They are vegan-friendly because they are made of pectin.

CBD Capsules

Capsules can be used to easily incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Premium Jane’s CBD capsules can be purchased in two different potencies, 750mg and 1200mg. They are also available in both 30-count sizes. This means you get either 25mg (or 40mg) of CBD per capsule.

The full-spectrum capsules include CBD and a range of other cannabinoids such as CBN and CBG. This makes it possible to get all the benefits of hemp extract.

Topicals made from hemp

Premium Jane’s Hemp Topical Line includes face and body products as well as salves. Here’s a complete list:

Topical Salve – 750mg CBD (Eucalyptus), 2oz

1,500mg CBD Topical Salve, Cocoa Butter, 2oz

200mg CBD Rejuvenation Cream (50ml)

300mg CBD Facial Day Cream (50ml).

200mg CBD Facial Scrub (50ml)

200mg CBD Creamy Charcoal Skin Cleanser (100ml).

200mg CBD Facial Cleanser (100ml).

These topical salves provide pain relief. These topical salves contain full-spectrum cannabis extract. In addition to CBD, they also contain significant amounts of CBG.

CBD face products are becoming very popular in beauty circles. The cannabinoid may be an antioxidant with anti-aging potential. You can find a variety of products for your skin that can be added to your beauty regimen.

Premium Jane CBD Review: More Products

Premium Jane CBD also offers CBD CBD for Pets and CBD Joints.

The Bath Bombs have 50mg of CBD, and 5oz in volume. They are available in five fragrances: Raspberry (Eucalyptus), Almond Coconut (Jasmine), and Raspberry (Eucalyptus). CBD for Pets offers a 250mg bacon flavored CBD Oil and 150mg CBD Dog Treats (5mg CBD each treat).

The CBD Joints have 135mg of CBD (45mg/joint, 3-count), and are available in a Midwest Jupiter, Cherry Limeade, and a Cherry Limeade varieties. Both were out of stock as of the writing of this article.

Final Thoughts about Premium Jane CBD

Premium Jane has been around for only three years, but it quickly gained a good reputation in the CBD world. These CBD products can be compared to some of America’s best, both in terms of effectiveness and quality. You can also find CBD oil and CBD gummies in many delicious flavors.

You can choose from a wide range of CBD products and dosages. They also have licensed farms so your CBD will be organic. Premium Jane’s website is the best place to go to for high-quality CBD products.