Lyons Magnus is a food service provider that issued a recall on 53 beverage products. The company’s headquarters are in the United States. It has its business throughout Canada. These include more 50 nutritional and proteins shakes that were taken off the shelves.

The news created quite a stir, and many people were eager to learn more about the cause. So, in order to clarify the situation and keep the public informed, Premier Nutrition Shakes 2022 was researched in-depth and detailed information provided.

Premier Protein: Why is it hot?

According to sources, Lyons Magnus LLP, a food manufacturer company, was notified by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They were immediately asked to recall 53 items that might have been affected by microbial contamination.

A total of 53 protein drinks, nutritional shakes, and other products were recalled as a result of infection by Cronobacter Sakazakii. While infections from the microorganism are not common, the FDA has directed that the Prime Protein Recall be conducted to ensure immunity. The following sections contain more details and news.

Overview and gist from the Lyons Magnus

  • Lyons Magnus sells food and drink products.
  • These products include everything from toppings, sauces, juices, desserts, and cultured items.
  • They are market leaders in producing cocoa-based beverage, fruits, and beverages both domestically and internationally.
  • In addition, they have over 150 combined years of industry experience.

Premier Proteinshakes 2022 – An in-depth analysis of the latest

Cronobacter. sakazakii is a potential microbial infective agent according to the FDA. Research has shown that although infections by the organism can be rare and are very rare, people infected with them may become vulnerable and lose their immunity.

FDA shared their report, which highlighted that preliminary root cause analysis was not in compliance with the product’s specifications and commercial sterility. FDA further instructed that all Premier Protein Review product owners must immediately dispose of or return the product to the original place.

Some of the recalls included products branded Glucerna or Aloha as well as MRE Protein Shakes, Oatly or Intelligentsia. In terms of microbial infections, symptoms can include vomiting, fever and nausea as well as urinary tract infections. However, so far there have not been any complaints or illnesses.

Final Conclusion

Note that this information is derived from internet sources. We have no rights to any of the details. According to research, the company said that it has not received any reports of illness regarding all Premier Protein Shakes and other recall products. Lyons Recall Support Center can be reached at 1-800-627-0557. Consumers also have the option of visiting the website or calling 1-800-6270557.

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