If you are a business person in the import-export industry, you probably know the importance of storing various items. Everything requires proper storage. If you work on farms, you know how vital it is to find big bags or sacks with quality material and no toxicity to store raw vegetables and fruits. Not only food items but even construction materials require proper storage.

Regular bags cannot be the best packaging option for any of these things. There are various types of PP bags for storing different items. The size, design, material of the bags differs based on the type of product you want to keep in them. People often get confused between these two storage bags, such as pp woven bags and leno mesh bags. Having basic information about both types of storage bags will help you choose the right things. You can purchase suitable storage bags for your items, but it will be more comfortable to find a reliable manufacturer of the bags.

Suppose you don’t want your freshly picked vegetables and fruits to lose their freshness before reaching the market or waste construction materials due to insufficient packaging. In that case, it will be helpful for you to learn more about these bags. This article will find various facts and benefits of each storage bag type, including their materials, usefulness, etc.

PP woven bags :

The basics of anything should start with a description; this topic will not be an exception. PP woven bags are one of the most simple storage bag or sack types to understand. The materials used to make pp woven bags are circular woven polypropylene fabric. Such bags have one side open, another side, or the bottom side stitched. You must be wondering what is woven. Aren’t you? Well. In the plastic industry, manufacturers use a unique technique of warp and weft woven or threads into two directions forming the fabric required to make these bags.

On the other hand, PP is polypropylene. It is one type of thermoplastic resin material. The plastic industry polymerizes propylene to get the resin material or polypropylene. Using the polypropylene threads, weaving them in forms the woven polypropylene fabric, light in weight but strong. Many people use woven bags with company names printed on them if you are wondering whether it’s possible with woven polypropylene bags or not. Yes. You can customize the prints on woven polypropylene bags.

It cannot be apparent to find the suitable bag type using the full name, as there are various names of pp woven bags in the market. Many people call pp woven bags with multiple names such as – pp bags, woven bags, woven poly bags, etc. However, these bags have more market names based on the items you can store in them, such as salt bags, rice bags, sugar bags, chemical bags, firewood bags, sandbags, feed bags, cement bags, and the list continues.

Characteristics of pp woven bags :

PP woven bags are suitable for various industries to store items. The agriculture industry and food industry are among the industries with the high demand for pp woven bags. It’s essential to be careful about the materials when you store food items in something. One of the many reasons why such industries choose PP woven bags is because they are non-toxic. Using pp woven bags can be beneficial at many stages. Here are some of the characteristics of pp woven bags

  • PP bags are comfortable to use and are non-staining
  • These bags have good durability and is anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean and reusable bags
  • The density of pp woven bags are low and light weighted as well
  • High resistance to cracking and stress.
  • Waterproof and breathable etc.

These are some of the characteristics among the vast list of pp woven bags.

The usefulness of pp woven bags :

 As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the demand for pp woven bags in the market is unbelievably high. One of the many reasons for such high orders is that they are suitable for several industries such as the food industry, agriculture industry, geotechnical engineering, daily life essentials, etc.

Leno mesh bags :

Leno mesh bags are something we often get to see in the markets. It is pretty similar to the pp woven bags when it comes to usefulness. However, leno mesh bags look a lot more different than woven bags. Even though the effectiveness of leno mesh bags is similar to woven bags, the demand of the food and agriculture industry is more for leno mesh bags.

Leno mesh bags are high-quality flexible bags that allow air to circulate inside the bags and keep the food items fresh and unmarked. Manufacturers use a scientific method to produce leno mesh bags so that it provides the proper environment for the raw food items to stay fresh. It comes in various configurations based on the client’s requirements. Moreover, according to several surveys, when it comes to storing vegetables or fruits, leno mesh bags provide a superior packaging option.

The structure of leno mesh bags is similar to the pp woven bag. However, leno mesh bags have ventilated fabric to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh and unmarked inside them. It also has an open-top side and a closed bottom design with double-fold stitches.

Characteristics of leno mesh bags :

Leno mesh bags are the most popular packaging option in the food and agriculture industry due to their characteristics. Leno mesh bags are non-toxic and non-staining, these are light in weight, but they are strong enough to hold heavyweights. The non-toxic and flexible nature makes it more comfortable for the food items to sustain their freshness for longer. The unique design of leno mesh bags makes it possible for people to see the products inside them. The unique ventilation design makes it highly resistant to moisture.

Conclusion : If you work in an industry where product packaging is vital, this article will help you understand the suitable packaging option. And for more details on products you can contact Singhal Industries Pvt. Ltd.