In recent years, visual and video content are influencing the social media market where it is a great way to increase engagement rate. Among the various social media platforms, Instagram is well suited for businesses to interact with customers with its high-quality photos and videos. Instagram communication is of exclusive visual stimuli, and you can fine-tune every possible detail to grab the user’s attention. Moreover, strategy really matters to make the necessary changes and increase the number of likes, comments and shares. A proper strategy will interact with customers, generate more followers for your website, and increase engagement. Here, let’s dive into the Instagram strategy to increase your engagement rate.

Trollishly Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement

If you are using Instagram, to stay competitive, it is vital to keep your users engaged. First, you should analyze why your engagement rate is low because Instagram constantly changes its algorithm. This is because it prioritizes its paying customers. If you want to keep up with algorithms to increase engagement rate, it is best to get assistance from the top social media service providers like Trollishly. So, you can scale up your business and increase your engagement rate.

1. Use All Instagram Features

Instagram algorithms are getting smarter and prioritizing accounts that use all the tools. So making use of the Instagram features will make sense to make your content exciting and encourage more followers.

Sign Up Instagram For Business

First, you have to build an identity for your brand where it makes sense to build a reputation for your business. If you don’t have a business account, you need to start there. Using the business accounts can bring a more professional aesthetic, do extra analytics, and access ads. Perhaps, you can add links in stories and contact buttons in your business profile. This is a major win if you aim to drive more traffic from Instagram to your website.

The business profile is not for everyone, and if you don’t have a business profile, let’s switch over it to make your business journey smoother and enjoy the benefits.

Use Different Content Formats

Instagram is best to share photos, and now you can avail videos, stories, ads, highlights and carousel posts. Probably, in the future, there are more options. So make use of the features and different content formats to make your users stay engaged. One significant aspect is that video posts have a far engagement rate compared to image or carousel posts.

Check Out Instagram Analytics

As to improve your performance on Instagram, you should get a clear insight into your business account. For that, you have to access Instagram’s analytics to know:

  • Follower’s location
  • Demographics
  • Gender of followers
  • Insights about specific posts

If you are seriously considering your marketing strategy, then these insights are indispensable.

2. Use Instagram Stories Daily

One exceptional way to keep your followers engaged is by using Instagram stories, where it provides the chance for your followers to stay connected in the long run. When you focus on posting stories regularly, your content will display at the top of everyone’s feed. Hopefully, it will make the users spot the content easily. If your stories look and feel different, surely it will grab the users’ attention and make them stay engaged. As stories only last 24 hours, post consistently to appeal to some users far away, building more personal connections. Perhaps, some users like viewing stories more than their feed. So post great content for users who prefer to find you. But strategically, to increase engagement rate through Instagram stories it is best to buy Instagram story views from an authentic service provider like Trollishly.

3. Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are one of the strategic ways to drive more traffic and build buzz. When you use the relevant hashtag for your business, it reaches the specific community and makes your marketing campaign more successful. Users find your business easily using the hashtags, and it makes them stay engaged with your business.

4. Post Content When Users Are Online

When you start using Instagram, make sure when your followers are currently online. First, posting content on this platform starts with 10% of your online followers. During the first hour, your post receives engagement, and this helps you to determine that for how many people Instagram has shown off. This enables you to know your odds, and you can take the best course of action to reach your followers and increase the engagement rate. Also, it is advisable for you to use Instagram insights that help you to find the best time to post. Here let you know how to use Instagram insights.

  • Open Instagram and look at your profile
  • Click the horizontal lines in the top-right menu
  • Open insights
  • Know your audience
  • Scroll down to know the most active time of your audience and understand the days and times your customers are engaging with Instagram.

5. Post Story Immediately After A Feed Post

As you know, early likes, shares, and comments will help you get more impressions and reach a broader range of people. For example, a short story is more popular than ever, where studies say that over 70% of users look at their stories first. So, after sharing your feed post, immediately post the story. It provides an excellent chance to reach more people and increase the engagement rate.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing needs a consistent effort to survey in this competitive digital market. These days, Instagram is the hottest social network around the globe. Now, it’s time to get on board with Instagram and use the above strategies to build a massive following, maintain a long-term relationship with your followers and finally increase your engagement rate.