Do you have dietary goals this year? Are you looking for a website that suggests slimming capsules? Then keep reading this Poundshaker com Reviews article for a complete product and company information.

Pound Shaker is a website that only focuses on one product with the same name. It is a dietary supplement that sheds extra pounds in a natural way that you cannot lose.

The website says obesity is becoming the number one killer in the United States and they plan to overcome it. So let’s see if it’s really effective.

What is the Pound Shaker website?

The site sells a dietary product that helps you lose weight, lowers type A1 blood sugar, and improves your immune system and blood pressure.

But is it Poundshaker com Legit or some other scam playing around with the feelings of people who really want to get slim and fit.


• Link to the website:

• Contact number: no contact number has been provided.

• Physical Address: The manufacturer’s address is Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States.

• Domain age: registration date is January 10, 2021.

• E-mail ID: [email protected]

• Payment mode: buy payment, credit and debit cards such as AMEX, Master Card etc.

• Products: The site sells diet capsule bottles to help reduce extra fats and lose weight.

• Shipping Policy: There are no shipping policies on this page.

• Returns and Refunds Policy: The owner also didn’t mention this policy.

• Social Media: They have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube social media links, but only visible on Facebook and Instagram.


• We learned from reading Poundshaker com reviews that the site uses an HTTPS connection.

• Site navigation is hassle free.

• You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest information on sales and product offers.


• Social media links are not working. The site is also not present on Twitter and YouTube.

• They have not updated any policies such as shipping, return / refund, or Terms.

• No owner information.

• We couldn’t find reviews for this site.

• Content is grammatically misspelled.

• The contact number is not shared.

• The physical address does not lead us to any store or factory; it also creates suspicions.

• Promotes a supplement that is not FDA certified.

Is Poundshaker com Legit or a Scam Site?

Let’s go straight to the information we have collected so far. As of the domain age it is January 10, 2021. So it is a monthly platform.

Alexa rank is zero, which shows that it has been visited by few people. It hasn’t been listed in any malware procedure, but that doesn’t give it a definite answer.

Social media icons are not working. However, after a search, the site is active on Facebook and Instagram.

There is no information available regarding company policies such as Shipping, Return / Refund, Terms and Privacy. None has reviewed it on an external portal yet, only one is available on the official website.

Poundshaker com Reviews

The site needs a review to assess whether it is working properly. Customers also require honest comments and recommendations to draw better conclusions. Therefore, we have tried hard to find a site rating.

After much research, we couldn’t find anything in other sources. We’ve checked their Facebook page but there are no reviews so far, only the site has one review from a famous star but the review doesn’t seem to be authentic.

However, it’s hard to imagine that the music artist Travis “T-Dogg” Gammage was promoting him, and yet he could not get a single recommendation. So you might be the first person to share Poundshaker com Reviews to help people.

Final verdict

Speaking of a website, it has a lot of loopholes that allow it to be completely believed in. The lack of important information such as the shipping policy, return policy, About us page, terms and privacy policy is very questionable.

Another fact is that the business is promoted by a music artist; there are still no promotional activities. Social media icons are not working, the product is not FDA approved, and the lack of reviews to read along with grammatically incorrect content makes for a suspicious impression. The site is only up for a month so it’s too early to finish this, we suggest readers to check these points with appropriate research.

Have you ever tried this product? Then share your Poundshaker com reviews with us in the feedback box.