Do you enjoy wearing sophisticated dresses? However, you’re not sure where to shop. You are, then let us show you Portmans Dresses Store of Australia and New Zealand. Portmans dress shop is for all those women who love to wear formal gowns.

We will also explain the details of the website through Portmans Dresses and Reviews.


Portmans Dress Shop is an ecommerce site that sells dresses. They have over 90 stores throughout New Zealand and Australia. They want everyone to feel beautiful and confident in the clothes they choose, so they are ready to conquer the world. Portmans dress is mostly for women. However, they offer a large selection of clothing for all types of women. Below is a list of some of the products they offer:

  • Shirts and blouses
  • Winterwear
  • Jumpsuits, dresses and skirts
  • Blazers and jackets
  • Pants and skirts
  • Jeans and shorts
  • Workwear
  • Belts and scarfs
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses & hair accessories

Portmans Dresses Legit HTML1­ Even though Portmans Dresses may be trendy and have multiple outlets, the customer must still ensure that the website can be trusted. This article will help you understand the website better.

Portmans Dresses – Shop

  • URL:
  • Email adres: The official website does not have the address of the shop.
  • Customer care number: 1800 802 625
  • Headquarters: Portmans Customer Support, 457 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC, 3004
  • Comments: We could not find any Portmans Dresses Reviews online.
  • Return Policy: Customers who are willing to return products can do so within 30 calendar days of the purchase.
  • Refund policy – We are unable to locate the exact date for the refund
  • Shipping Policy The time it takes to deliver the product will vary depending on the customer’s location.
  • Policy : Portmans dresses shop accepts Mastercards visas, American expresses, diners and paypal as payment methods.

Positive aspects

  • The website provides the address of headquarters and the phone number for customer support.


  • The store email address cannot be accessed on the website.

Is Portmans Dresses Legit?

Portmans dresses shop has a great selection of quality and design. But before buying on this website, buyers need to be familiar with the basic data. These are the key details.

  • Website Formation: Since we couldn’t find the date that the website was formed, it is impossible to determine its exact age.
  • Registered: Corporation Service Company of Australia (Aust) Pty Ltd registered Portmans Dresses.
  • Buyers feedback No Portmans Dresses Comments were found on the shop’s website. We couldn’t also find any reviews online.
  • Trust score Because Portmans Dresses shop has a high reputation, the trust score of this store is 86%. It is considered a low-risk rate.
  • Social Media Account: Buyers are able to connect to Portmans Dresses Shop through their Facebook or Instagram accounts
  • Privacy policy – All of the key policies and terms are listed on the layout.
  • There were no login credentials. The shop’s email was not available on the website. All other details, however, are accessible on the site.

Portmans Dresses Reviews

Portmans dresses shop has a very well-developed website. We have the phone number and the address. The website’s reviews are not available on its official website. We also couldn’t find any reviews on the shop’s online review sites. However, we did find reviews from local outlets on the web, where customers appreciated the quality and customer service.

Final verdict

We will end this post on Portmans Dresses with the statement that this website has a high trust score. This is why we don’t recommend it because of the lack of reliable reviews or unknown creation date.