The jewellery business has been dominated by products that primarily cater to women for many years now. Traditionally, women have worn the gold sets or diamond necklaces, or silver earrings. In the modern time, the tide is slowly turning as men are increasingly interested in jewellery these days. 

The reasons why jewellery is becoming popular with men could stem from tradition and superstition to making a fashion statement. Even among these, gold chains are the most popular among men. Designs and neck chain for men vary from the classic to the very trendy. Here are some of the gold chain trends in vogue.

Pure Gold Chain

Simplicity is often the most impressive and elegant. A simple gold chain can go with just about any outfit for men. It will look great with simple and casual t-shirts and jeans combo, as will it with more formal wear. If you plan on wearing traditional, ethnic wear, nothing will accentuate your entire look more than a gold chain. 

Chain with a Pendant 

If you are really passionate about chains, why not go a step further and add a pendant to them? This pendant can be anything you believe in or close to your heart. The real impression of the chain will only be complete when it is visible and not hidden away inside your shirt. 

You could explore various options, like a photo of a special someone. A lock and key pendant is an absolute style statement to get those second glances. 

If you are a particularly religious person, attaching a religious symbol to the chain can be beautiful and meaningful. The options are endless and for you to choose from. While a simple chain is excellent, adding a pendant and attaching significance to it can be a lot better.

Chunky Chains

If you are one of those silver bracelet men, a chunky chain is something you’ll appreciate. Chunky chains are a lot louder and will easily catch the eye of people. If you are feeling a bit quirky with your fashion sense, choose a nice chunky chain. 

It is one among the most popular neck chain for men, and understandably so. It adds a lot of character to your entire get-up and makes your personality stand out. A chunky gold chain will match well with casual western wear. It can also be equally well-matched with traditional Indian wear, provided you choose an appropriate one. 

Layered Chain

If you like something like silver bracelets for men, another interesting suggestion for you is a layered chain. You can combine two designs you like and make them into one chain. This can be a fusion of modern and traditional or quirky and conventional. Customize it to your liking and stand out in a crowd. 

Neck chains for men are gaining popularity, but wearing a layered chain will give you a distinctive look and aura. It is the right way to leave an long-lasting impression on someone you like. You can even experiment with two different metals in your layered chain. 

For example, a gold chain can form one layer, and a silver chain can form another. The most significant part about layered chains is that you have to abide by absolutely no rules or customs. You are at complete liberty to mould it as per your liking.

Thin Gold Chain

Just because you want to wear a gold chain doesn’t mean it must be extra or gaudy. You can wear one while being subtle and casual, and thin gold chains are ideal for that. Being thin, it will be lighter on your neck. Further, it won’t be very shiny or glittery. 

You can wear a thin gold chain with any sort of look, and it will look fantastic. It is the ideal piece of jewellery if you want to up your fashion game without going overboard. The most significant advantage of a thin chain is that it can easily be worn for everyday use since it’s so light. You don’t have to put it away on days that are special occasions. It can permanently adorn your neck.

Choker Necklace

Chokers are one of the most popular designs these days. Since they’re around your neck, they don’t get in the way of your clothes. Resultantly, they enhance your look by being complementing it. 

Since it’s not very long, unlike other chains, there is a reduced chance of it hampering your movement or getting stuck in clothes. The design is both classy and convenient. It’s classy because it goes well with any look and is convenient because it can work on a day-to-day basis without much difficulty.

With a dramatic increase in the popularity of neck chain for men, the choices are slowly widening, and you can find the best quality products at the best prices. Seach for a dil ka deal and choose a chain based on your preference and wear it to experiment with your fashion game.