Popheadphone is a new web portal that aims to deliver top-notch services in the United States. People who have visited the site before may be familiar with their offerings.

You can still visit the website if you don’t have a browser. Let’s get started.

Popheadphone Homepage Introduction:

You may have a better idea of the offerings of the portal by looking at the name. Yes, you correctly guessed that the portal is committed to providing quality headphones. Popheadphone is an example of a website that sells wireless headphones, Bluetooth wireless earphones, and Airpods.

Although Apple is the brand name of the website, Beats products can also be found on the site. While the site is impressively designed, the product selections are very limited. There are only four products in the Apple Airpods category. So, Is Popheadphone Legit? This is the main concern of users. According to in-depth research, every item has been described clearly with many photos. Let’s do more research and determine its authenticity.

Specifications Popheadphone Website

  • Email ID: The contactable email address is Bestappleus@hotmail.com.
  • Official URL: https://popheadphone.com
  • Address Details: 130, Anita-Drive Pittsfield, Pittsfield, MA-01201, United States.
  • Please contact us at 4016442516
  • Shipping charges: These fees vary. Shipping fees for some items depend on the product’s weight. Standard delivery fees in the USA are 10$, and internationally it is more than $40.
  • Delivery time: The delivery process takes between 1 and 5 weeks in the USA. Delivery time for other countries is 1 to 5 weeks.
  • International Area Service
  • Cancellation within 1 day
  • The portal has reviews of Popheadphones.
  • It is possible to replace the item, but it comes with some restrictions.
  • Return Availability: Within 2 Weeks
  • Newsletter: Not available.
  • Refund Process: This takes about 5 days after cancellation or return.
  • Pay System: PayPal, MasterCard, Stripe and Visa.

Why should I shop?

  • You can choose from a variety of categories.
  • Products are available at reduced prices
  • There are both online and offline payment options.

Why not shop?

  • Low trust ratings
  • Although reviews are only available on the portal, they are not reliable.
  • There are no social media profiles.
  • The domain name is unknown.
  • There is no raw whois data

Popheadphone reliability?

These points will allow you to get the facts.

  • Popheadphone reviews can only be found on this site.
  • The site isn’t connected to any community platform.
  • It has poor trust ratings. The analysis shows that it only has two percent.
  • It is quite new, having been established in October 2021.
  • These discount offers are absurd.
  • It uses the Apple name but is not affiliated to Apple Inc.
  • The percentages of duplicate and common content are 25% and 20%, respectively.
  • The raw whois data for the research report is missing. Therefore, it’s not possible to determine which domain name was registered.
  • Popheadphone.com is its owner.
  • You can find contact information on the portal.

According to research, the site appears very suspicious. To learn more, please refer to the next section.

Popheadphone Reviews:

It was only found on the Popheadphone site during the check for reviews. Many of the items have many comments. And guess what? Each item is quite remarkable.

All items that received positive reviews have been given five stars. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Is it true? However, the truth is that there are no comments on the site.

In addition, it is possible that you will find the remarks are not very accurate or monotonous if your review is checked. It’s possible that you will find fake reviews or have paid for them. So, Is Popheadphone Legit? Also, the portal doesn’t appear to have a community channel profile. You can learn more about it by checking out the portal.

Final Verdict:

Popheadphone website does not merit high marks due to the absence of an authentic profile on the community channel and raw whois data. There are also terrible index ratings, biased reviews, nonavailability of the newsletter, copy content, and other issues.