This article will provide an update on Pony Valu Pet Sim X. To learn more about the trade regulations and costs, read the article.

Do you know the Pet Sim X Values for trade? We have the answer for you.

It is true, however, that every trading system is different. Gamers want to know how Pony is valued in many countries, such as the United Kingdom or the Philippines.

We need to make sure that the Pony Value Pet Sim X is working properly.

What do you know about the value system?

Pet Simulator X’s trading rules are essential if you wish to understand the value system. Gamers can use gems to purchase pets and exchange them.

The players can then buy any pet they want using gems. Many players are willing to take pets as rocks.

Experts advise that you verify the value system and the list before purchasing Robux pets. It is crucial to have an inventory list for buying procedures.

Pony Pet Simulator, X Value

This discussion will help you understand the value. There are three types cost lists. There are three types of pet gems that buyers can purchase.

The first type of pet is one that costs less than ten billion gems. The second type is below 30 billion gems and the last, most valuable pet is under 100 billion gems. The cost category denotes how many Gems “Big Game Discord” want to purchase it.

The United States gamers are also interested in learning about Pony pets’ value.

Pony Value Pet Sim X

Before we reveal the cost list, there is a disclaimer. The value list was not created by the organizers of the game. It is a fan-made list.

  • Giant Cat Pumpkin – 810 billion gems
  • Maskot Big Blue- 330 billion gems.
  • Lucky Huge Cat- 290 billion gems.
  • Festive Cat- 138 billion gems.
  • Astra Dominus- 70 billion gems.
  • Big Signature Maskot- 90 billion gems.
  • Massive Agony Storm – 2 Trillion gems
  • Wyvern Gargoyle Huge- 300 billion gems.
  • Giant Cat Hack- 280 Billion Gems
  • Big Cupcake- 108 billion gems.
  • Giant Cat – 900 billion gems

Why are the News Trends So Exaggerated?

Just now, the update to the valuation is in progress. It will be effective on the 27th of March 2022. This is why many gamers are very interested in this topic. You can also visit the link to learn Are Roblox-Free Robux Generators Too Good to Be True?.


The list is updated daily according to the regulations and trade forms. According to the experts’ view, there will be many updates soon. Gamers should wait until clarity is available on Pony Value Pet Sim X.

For more information on the value section, you can visit the link. What is your assumption about the Value List? Comment.