Wondering what ponyo.com is? We have read many reviews of Pony O UK and will present what we found on this website.

Many people in the UK have admitted that their rubber bands lose the required elasticity and texture after just one use. Therefore, the products offered by this website seem revolutionary.

This report covers all the facts that you need to know before buying hair accessories from this website so that there is absolutely no chance of getting ripped off.

What is Ponyo.com?

Before we introduce this site to you, we would like to tell you that when you search for ponyo.com, the site will redirect you to ponyoworld.com. In addition, the age of the domain of the two domains is also different.

Ponyo.com is a 15 year old e-commerce site that offers your hair ties to hold your hair in, but instead of rubber bands in ties, they use threads you can mold into your hair and the best part is that there is no chance of losing texture or elasticity.

Hair ties come in different colors, sizes and textures depending on your needs and the event you are running. The hair ties offered by this website have received a lot of informational Pony O UK reviews from customers.

Specifications of Ponyo.com:

• Product type: Hair ties

• Website link: https://www.ponyo.com/

• Ponyo.com launch date: February 16, 2005

• Ponyoworld.com domain registration: June 11, 2019

• Email address: [email protected]

• Telephone number: 303-838-6976

• Address: 25587 Conifer Rd, Unit 105-234, Conifer CO 80433, USA

• Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

• Shipping costs: shipping costs vary depending on your location

• Delivery time: 10-14 active days

• Cancellation: within 30 minutes of ordering

• Return / exchange: 60 day money back guarantee

• Refund: after inspection

• Payment method: PayPal, ShopPay and GooglePay

Benefits of shopping at Ponyo.com:

• HTTPS protection valid on the site

• Lots of informative pony o British notices available

• 60 day money back guarantee

• SSL encrypted payment method

• Detailed page “About us”

• Worldwide delivery available

• Incredible social media marketing

• New wired technology used in products

• Hair ties are unlikely to lose their grip

Cons of shopping at Ponyo.com:

• Shipping costs vary depending on your location

• Majority of negative customer reviews

• Storage bag and manual are not free in the package

• Long delivery time

• The site manager redirects to another domain

Is Ponyo.com legit?

The official site, i.e. ponyo.com, is 15 years old but once you click on the official website link, it will direct you to a much younger domain by the name of ponyoworld.com.

We found a lot of customer reviews for Pony O UK, but we noticed a lot of positive reviews. Yet once you delve into social media profiles and other product reviewing the site, you will find that most customers are not happy with the product.

The website also charges an additional fee for a small bag and application manual which usually comes free with the product, so there are different shipping costs depending on your location.

The site can safely navigate your browsers and the payment methods available on the site are SSL encrypted.

What are customers’ opinions about Pony O UK?

We have found many photos of customers using the product and sharing their positive reviews on the website. But on the website’s social media accounts, many customers do not recommend the products offered by the website.

Many customers said that the product + shipping cost + import tax is not worth the products. They noted that information on import taxes is unclear in the policy section.

Many customers have also reported that the product does not stay in their hair and slips off every time they try to apply it. Many customers, especially from the UK, have also said that there is huge confusion about the size of rubber bands.

Last word:

We have featured all aspects of the website and how customers feel about the products advertised on the site in these Pony O UK reviews.

It is now up to you to judge this website. We recommend that you do your research on the product and the size of the product you are willing to purchase.

Videos available online enjoying the product idea may be subject to paid promotion by the site. Therefore, we recommend that you be particularly vigilant. We understand that these hair ties are different from regular hair ties, but it does not guarantee reliability.

We hope this review has been satisfactory. Please comment below in the comments section and share your love.