Polaroid cameras have been around since 1948 and have been through several rises and fall throughout their journey. Incredibly, even in the times of digital cameras and smartphones, these have maintained their charm and popularity. Nothing can beat the thrill you get by touching a picture with your hands right after it is taken.

However, when you decide to buy polaroid camera with Georges Cameras, you might feel a bit perplexed. Given a large number of models from various models makes your decision even more difficult.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you understand polaroid cameras and pick the best one for your capturing your precious moments.

  • How does the polaroid camera work?

A polaroid camera is also popularly known as an instant camera. As the name suggests, it allows you to get a hard copy of the picture you have clicked, instantly.

It generates a single positive image using a simple photographic film. In simple words, the light enters the camera through its lens. It is then captured onto the film which the camera prints and ejects with the help of its internal production system.

  • Types of polaroid cameras

Polaroid cameras are classified into two categories: digital and analog.

The digital polaroid camera allows you to click a picture and get the print later when you want. You can also edit the picture before it is printed. It also lets you take multiple pictures and print only the ones that you like.

The analog cameras deliver a classic experience and develop the print as soon as the picture is clicked. It retains the traditional photography art and does not allow any edits to the picture.

  • Pros and cons of polaroid cameras

Like every other device you use, polaroid cameras also have both pros and cons. Knowing what’s great about them and what is not so good can help you make your call.


  • You get instant access to the physical photograph
  • Polaroid cameras are generally inexpensive
  • They are handy and easy-to-use


  • You need photographic paper which can be a bit expensive
  • Editing is not possible if you are going for analog models
  • These cameras mostly do not have rechargeable batteries
  • Things to consider before buying

Several parameters determine the best-suited camera for your specific needs. However, here are some highly significant factors that can serve as your buying guide.

  • Use

If you want the camera for travel, an economical, lighter, and easy-to-use model is more suitable. You can go for more expensive models while hunting for a high-performance camera for an event.

  • Design

You can choose from a wide variety of camera designs according to your style. From vintage and classic to modern design and cameras for children, the range is enormous. Many manufacturers offer models in multiple color options.

  • Photographic paper and photo size

The photo paper you buy for the camera is an important consideration as it is a recurring purchase and costs fairly high. Decide upon the size of the photos you want which in turn determines the paper you would need.

  • Battery

Classic Polaroid cameras have single-use batteries. However, you can easily find several rechargeable battery models which are more economical and environment-friendly in the long-term usage.