Are all of your options for medical treatment have been exhausted and you’ve come up with no cure for acne pimples, or blackheads? A lot of people from Canadafind that it hard to get solutions to the above-mentioned skin conditions.

The importance of natural products has grown in recent years and are now helping a wide range of people. A website called Polaplus sells an organic treatment for various skin issues. To find out more information about this product, check out Polaplus Green Tea Mask Review to the close.

What is Polaplus Green Tea Mask?

Green Tea has been mostly used for its anti-inflammatory antioxidant in addition to weight reduction properties, for several years. A few companies are making use of green tea extracts to create a product to treat skin problems.

Green tea masks have been popular across The United States, as well as in the UK. Kingdom for relief from pimples and acne. Polaplus has also come up with an identical product and offers Green Tea Mask on its website.

There are many companies that sell Green Tea Masks with an alternative brand name, however it is vital to confirm the authenticity of the product. To determine whether Polaplus Green Tea Mask a scam or Legit Let’s take a examine its features, pros and cons within the coming section.

Specification of Polaplus Green Tea Mask:

  • The name of the item:Polaplus green tea mask
  • Product typeFace cleaning product
  • Ingredients used:Green Tea extract
  • Available for –Both Men and Women
  • Specialized use –Acne, Pimples, and Blackheads
  • Weight of the productof 97 gm
  • Net content —40 grams
  • Size of the product –10*5*5 cm
  • Contents of the packagePoreless Deep Clean Mask Stick*1
  • Garanty –90 days guarantee on money back
  • Price – $24.49
  • Discount Discount Quantity discounts are offered for this item.
  • Skin type Skin type Users with different skin types should utilize the product in different ways.


  • Polaplus Green Tea Mask Reviews uncovers that the quantity discount is for the buyer as it can save money through discounts like buy two buy one get one free.
  • Since natural ingredients are employed in the Mask that is used, there are less chance of having any adverse effects to the face, which is a common occurrence in medical practices of today.
  • A lot of skin problems can be treated with a one product.
  • 90 days’ money-back guarantee will permit the buyer to test its efficacy in the very first instance.


  • The cost of the product seems to sit on the high than similar products that are sold on the market.
  • There is no way to quantify the impact it has on skin conditions.

Is Polaplus Green Tea Mask Scam or Legit?

False products are not new to the marketplace, but the advent of the online market has made it much easier for fraudsters. Anyone can launch an online store and market the product there, promising it serves a different objective. The review section will explore the credibility that is the Polaplus product by looking at the various aspects of it.

  • The company’s claim that the product will help with skin problems like pimples, acne and blackheads has not been verified by any official. This claim is therefore not supported by any evidence.
  • It has posted various forms of certification on their website. Customers should carefully read.
  • Polaplus Green Tea Mask Reviews have been found as testimonials from customers on the website of the company that cannot be relied upon completely.
  • There are plenty of reviews by customers for different brands of masks made from green tea but there are no reviews the ones for Polaplus products.
  • Numerous legitimate websites have awarded an inadequate score on the Polaplus official website. Therefore the product advertised through it might be fraudulent.
  • The product was not located on the website of any market This raises further doubt about the authenticity of the product.

The information above does not provide a clear view of the authenticity for Polaplus Tea Mask and customers must take note of it.

What are Polaplus Green Tea Mask Reviews?

The website that sells Polaplus Tea Mask is not longer than six months old and, therefore, it’s difficult to find reviews from customers about the product. There are some testimonials from customers available on the website, however, they may be made up.

Public review websites do not display a reviews from customers about the product on their site. In the absence of genuine customer reviews makes it difficult for new buyers challenging.

Last verdict

The evidence is indisputable that natural ingredients found in various skincare products are beneficial for a variety of people. Polaplus Green Tea Mask Reviews recommends that customers purchase their products from legitimate sites and only use products approved by agencies.