Are you searching for the latest Nintendo game Pokemon Legends Arceus? Are you curious to know whether it’s available on the major retail platforms like Walmart and Amazon? If yes, then tune to the blog.

The Nintendo game Pokemon Legends Arceus just got launched and Pokemon players all over the world, particularly within regions like the United States and Canada are looking for the game on platforms such as Walmart. This article, we’ll talk on Pokemon Legends Arceus Walmart.

Pokemon Legend Arceus

Game Freak has developed a role-playing action game dubbed Pokemon Legends: Arceus for the Nintendo Switch in collaboration with The Pokemon Company in 2022.

Pokemon Legend Arceus was released on January 28, 2022. As part of the anniversary celebrations of the 25th anniversary year of the Pokemon franchise, the announcement of the game as well as Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

This game has been trending across the world, and a lot of reviewers are assessing the game positively. The renowned game news and review Kotaku has praised the game as the Pokemon franchise’s most successful entry since its inception.

Before we get to know what we know regarding Pokemon Legends Arceus Walmart let’s discuss the gameplay.

The Gameplay of the Pokemon Legend Arceus

The Pokemon Legend Arceus, players are taken to the ancient region of Hisui and later Sinnoh. The players are required to build the first Pokedex instead of simply gathering information to a group comprised of Pokemon traders.

The open-world experience is the most prominent aspect that is the main feature of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The players can still take on Pokemon out in the open even if they don’t engage in battle. The whole thing is based on the character of the Pokemon when it decides to fight or allow the user to catch it.

Is Pokemon Legends Arceus Walmart available?

The brand-new Pokemon Legends Arceus game is making waves all over the world. It’s been a short time gone by since the game’s launch. However, there’s a problem and not all gamers worldwide will be able to play the game simultaneously.

It was launched at midnight, on the 28th January 2022 as per the local time zone. Therefore, every area will experience a a different time of release. Therefore, Pokemon fans in Australia were able to access Pokemon Legends Arceus 16 hours prior to Washington DC, USA. This is for the digital version.

Players can purchase the game’s physical edition in retail stores such as Walmart. This Pokemon Legends Arceus Walmart physical version is available for pre-order. The price for the physical version at Walmart is from $59.95 to $79.85 according to the seller you’re buying from.

Walmart will offer free shipping on the item however shipping the product is expected to take around a week in all of the US & CA. However, buyers are able to pick it up from the store if it’s in stock at their local Walmart.


The Pokemon Legends Arceus game is now available for pre-order at Walmart or can be picked up at your local Walmart.