There are many challenges that are upgraded from time to moment to enhance game’s quality and increase the enthusiasm of players who are playing the game. A particular game, well-known throughout America, United States, and in the United Kingdom, has captured the attention of a lot of gamers. Pokemon Go is one of the games that gamers love the most.

Pokemon Go Holiday Catch Challenge is among the exciting challenges that players have been waiting for. You can join in the challenge by following a couple of steps. If you’re interested in learning the steps to take to take part, go through this article.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality gaming mobile app which was created in the year 2016. Together together with The Pokemon Company and Nintendo The gaming application was created through Niantic for all Ios and Android players. The game was initially launched with just the initial 150 Pokemon species. It has now been able to add 700 species in 2021. Gamers are enjoying this game to death.

What is the Pokemon Go Holiday Catch Challenge?

Pokemon Go has announced a number of challenges from December 16 to 2021 and will conclude on December 31st of 2021. One of them includes The Holiday Catch Challenge. The challenge focuses on the capture of several Pokemon. There are a variety of rewards through participating the challenge. The challenge is the debut of one of the new Ice type Pokemon that is Bergmite and you could take and earn as a reward for this challenge. We will go over the challenges and tasks, as well as the rewards players can earn.

Rewards and the purpose for Catch Challenge

We’ve discussed many things regarding Pokemon Go, but now it’s time to find out what the Pokemon Go Holiday Catch Challenge. Let’s talk about the challenges and the rewards:

  • The first goal is to catch 10 Pokemon that will bring 10, Poke Ball.
  • The catch of 25 Pokemon will award the player 25 Poke Balls.
  • Find 10 Ice-type Pokemon and you’ll earn 10 Great Balls.
  • Ice-type Pokemon are expected to provide 25 great balls.
  • Catching 9 Pokemon of different species will earn you an extra 25 Ultra Balls.

As a stage-ending reward, you will be presented with Galarian Mr. Mime Encounter. This means that you can take part and earn these rewards and take pleasure in these Holidays Challenges within the stipulated timeframe.

Other Holiday Challenges

In spite of being part of the Pokemon Go Holiday Catch Challenge There are numerous additional challenges as part of the Holidays Timed Research challenges. It’s an Friendship Challenge, and this is about the exchange of gifts and trading many Pokemon.


In order to summarize our content here, we’ve provided you with a variety of methods for earning numerous rewards during The Catch Challenge. Gamers can also participate in other challenges too, that are listed in the article.