It’s the start of the new year and Pokemon go has great news. It would be a great month with the Pokemon Go Community. You read it correctly! Pokemon Go is coming with its community. This event is a big deal for people who live in countries such as the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at what the Poke Go community January 2022 will be coming up.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is collaborating with its communities. In 2022, each month will have community days. It’s good news for Pokemon Go players, as they can get their favourite Pokemon character and many bonuses from the community. In January 2022 there will be 2 Pokemon Go communities. It’s a great way of winning event bonuses and bundles. The community has many fascinating features.

You will find more information about the community below:

Community Day: Spheal’s spiratastic sojourn

Date: 16 January 2022. Time: 11am-5pm

Community Classic Day – Back to Bulbasaur

Date: January 22, 2022. Time: 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

These are the dates and times you can attend the event. Let’s talk about the Pokemon Go community January 20,22.


  • Spheal’s Speartastic Sojourn

On 16th January 2022, Speal’s Spear-tastic Sojourn’s community day will be held. Spheal is a type Pokemon that players have to unlock through participating in the event. Shiny spheal may be available for those who are lucky. The next feature is an exclusive attack, in which the spheal is evaluated to gain walrein.

  • Bulbasaur back

A new Pokemon Bulbasaur, will appear in the second event. One lucky player might be able to win the shiny one. A new feature called “exclusive attack” will also be introduced. This means that players must attain Bulbasaur’s evolution Ivysaur for the chance to unlock the Venusaur.

Pokemon Go January 2022

This update contains many exciting new features that players should be interested in. However, they will need to wait for the event for a few more weeks. Spheal’s Speartastic sojourn requires you to become walrein because it can use Fast Powder Snow Attack or Charged Icicle Spear Attack. You will receive special story research and tickets for the event.

There are also bonus events and combo events. Back to Bulbasaur: To receive Charged FrenzyPlan Attack, you must unlock venusaur. Bulbasaur story research will be included. This event also includes bonus events, bundle events, and bonus events. Participating in Pokemon Go January 2022 will make you laugh.


Pokemon Go enthusiasts are excited for the upcoming community. This event will allow players to unlock new characters, features and more. There are currently two Pokemon Go communities. The article includes all the details for the January community.