The majority of people, young and old, have played Pokemon. Pokemon is a popular game from childhood. However, not all people will enjoy it. It offers new challenges and missions every now and again to keep players engaged and interested.

Pokemon is popular in Canada, the United States, as well as the United Kingdom.

What is the Catch Cup for the Pokemon Go league?

There has been an update to the game’s Catch Cup. A Go fest will take place from 4th June at 10am to 5th Juni at 6pm. It is one the most unique cups in the game. Only Pokemon caught in this period of time can participate in the Catch Cup.

This makes it extremely difficult to plan your team’s progress. Also, you need to charge the Pokemon within a very short time. This makes it more difficult.

Catch Cup PokemonGo 2022

Go battle-taking can be quite unique. Some feel it is too restrictive due the sheer number of rules and regulations. Other people believe it is better to stay true to traditional formats and methods of playing leagues.

Timing is the biggest thing that limits players. It is similar to The Great league, where players play widely. However, people show their excitement about the league.

Rules concerning Catch Cup

Here are some tips and guidelines about the Pokemon Catch Cupand how to play in this league.

  • Participation is open to all Pokemon caught during the festival
  • You can only enter the league if your Pokemon is below 1500 CP. Pokemon who exceed that limit will be disqualified.
  • It was made clear that only Pokemon that were caught during the fest may enter. However, this does apply to Pokemon catches from Egg Hatches and Raids as well as Field Research tasks.

The above rules make it necessary for players to think and plan more in order to be able to play the game.

Why the game is in trend: Pokemon Catch Cup

As soon as the news of the new edition of ultra league and go was announced, it went viral. It’s been trending across social media. Players are interested in the details of the league, including the rules and restrictions.

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It is easy to see that there are many restrictions. You can see the rules and details and the restrictions are numerous.

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