Oprah Winfrey was the queen of free home makeovers. Thanks to her generosity, a few lucky audience members would get to live in their dream homes. Yet, the scale of the renovations would point out one thing with remarkable clarity. And that is that undertaking such processes is expensive. 

It gets worse when you turn to Google for pricing guidelines. Some of the top results show you could end up spending anywhere from $18,000. You get the feeling that if you don’t have a good amount of cash, there is no point in trying. 

Well, we are here to change that kind of thinking. It is possible to renovate your home on a budget. We will share some workable, very practical tips you can use.  

  1. Start with a plan

Do not undertake any renovation without having a proper plan. Please don’t wake up and decide that you don’t like the wall separating the living room from the kitchen, and bring it down. A plan will act as a guideline for everything you want to do going forward.

  1. Hire the Right Specialists

You may think that hiring specialists for your home renovations will drive up the cost. In reality, you may end up saving quite a bit. You see, home renovation Sydney professionals have the right expertise. Further, they can customize the renovations to fit your budget. All without compromising your preferences and unique taste.  

Also, they have the advantage of networks that can work to your advantage. Their close partnership with material suppliers is an example. The experts will ensure you get high quality while enjoying comparative rates and discounts. Finally, you can rest easy knowing professionals are managing the renovations. 

Do thorough due diligence on the company you want to hire. Online reviews will give you tons of great insights. Look at their portfolio and speak to past clients. Also, check that they have insurance in case of any issues.   

  1. One Step at a time

When renovating on a budget, it helps to be very realistic. You may not be able to take on huge jobs at one specific time. So, look at your budget and use this to plan your activities. A good idea is to tackle smaller projects first. There is something very satisfying about seeing changes, no matter how small. Work on one room and finish it before moving on to the next. 

You may think that going for bigger projects first makes more sense. But, if you run out of cash midway, it can be very demotivating. Don’t forget; you are living in the home. That means you have to get comfortable with staying in unfinished rooms.  

  1. Be an Active Participant Where You Can

We did say you should hire professionals to handle the remodeling. But, the reality is your budget may not allow you to hand over everything to the contractors. We support the notion of taking on some of the projects as DIY.  

A simple paint job is something you can manage on your own. Check out the tons of YouTube DIY tutorials for some inspiration. 

Here is another idea that may only cost you a few prime steaks and drinks. Invite those closest to you over to help. Throw in a barbecue afterward as a motivator.  

Some interesting statistics will give you that extra boost to roll up your sleeves. The service cost of a paint job runs up to 85% of the overall cost. Yes, labor, in this case, is more expensive than the material. The professional cost of replacing the window can be as high as five thousand dollars. Yet if you do it yourself, it will only cost you less than $1500. 

Please note. We are in no way saying that you take on all the projects. You are better off leaving some of the delicate tasks to the professionals. A YouTube tutorial, for instance, will not turn you into an expert plumber or electrician. People go to specialized learning institutions for such skills. 

  1. Recycle or Restore What You Can

Before taking a sledgehammer to your kitchen cabinet, take a step back. Is there anything you can do to make them look new again? A fresh coat of paint would work wonders. 

A simple upgrade to fixtures like handles will change the look of the cabinets. Do not throw out anything until you determine it is no longer of value.  

 Don’t replace the hardwood floors because that can be pretty expensive. A simple refinishing job will make the wood look new again.  

  1. Forget Price, Go For Quality

You may wonder why we say go for quality despite the higher price. After all, you are trying to stick to a budget, right? The reasoning is really simple. Good quality material will last for generations to come. 

It also makes absolute sense if you approach your home renovation with a long-term mentality. As we said, the best home builders in Sydney have strong supplier networks. Leverage these relationships to get high-quality material. 

There is also another benefit you may not be thinking about right at the point of the renovation planning. If you decide to sell the home, you could attract a better price. Homebuyers look at the quality of elements within to make their decision.  

  1. Shop like a Pro

If you decide to buy the material yourself, shop like a pro. Get ready for plenty of leg work and a lot of research. Educate yourself on everything you need to know before hitting the stores. Compare pricing and negotiate deals for the material. 

Forget about the notion that you have to buy all the supplies from one store. One place may have fantastic pricing for appliances. Another could have better prices for worktops or cabinets. This part requires patience and time. But most importantly, we go back to our original point. Do not compromise on quality for any reason. 

Final Thoughts

 It is time to switch off the TV from the makeover shows you have become addicted to. No more wishing for a surprise makeover gift that may never come. Use our tips above to renovate your home without depleting all your money. 

You also can book a free home renovation Sydney consultation if you are leaning towards hiring specialists. Good luck with your home remodeling.