1. What Is the Hardest Part of a PMP?

At first, I thought the most difficult thing was that I had too much knowledge need to learn.

However, in the last month, after doing two sets of PMP practice exam, I found that the most difficult test for a middle-aged man was the 4-hour test.

The reason why PMI set up such a terrible exam mechanism is probably to tell everyone that the position of a project manager is a manual job.

2. The Experience of Review

As a programmer, the knowledge of IT usually needs to be updated quickly, so I need to keep learning during my work. This makes me feel more confident in my learning ability. Register on July 11, less than two months before the exam. I kept to my study plan every day. I had to read for more than 2 hours every night and do 50 questions at the same time.

The teacher’s learning plan is to read PMBOK twice in the first month. As for me who procrastinates, of course, it is impossible to finish PMBOK in the first month. At the end of the month, the teacher clearly said to stop reading PMBOK now because it was too late and the lost time was just a sunk cost. But for me, if I don’t have a strategic understanding of the knowledge system, I can’t see it at all, nor can I understand it. There is no other way but to look at PMBOK. I should have finished reading the books in the last two weeks before the exam. In the last two weeks, I also spent two days brushing Yang’s series of agile courses. Compared with other students who complained that there were too many agile questions in the PMP exam, I was more prepared in this area.

The most important is the course on September 6th. Without this course, I estimate that the best result is to get a pass, and I would never get a 5A. This class has two key functions :1. It improves the accuracy of problem-solving; 2. It saves time to do the problem. 

What’s so hard about the PMP? The difficulty is that the answer is not absolutely correct, it is to choose the relatively correct one. The second difficulty is that the exam I mentioned earlier takes too long. The third difficulty lies in the subject. The topic is very informative and difficult to understand. Before the exam on September 6, the class to the key, the teacher through the “procedural justice” this concept to do, now I still want to be excited not to admire again and again.

3. Learned True Knowledge

For this PMP exam experience, I pay more attention to the knowledge I have learned. Through this study, I made the knowledge of project management more systematic and scientific, and also confirmed some good experiences I had explored before. There are also some violations of project management knowledge that can be corrected. At the same time, SPOTO provides PMP Dumps and the original questions of the PMP exam, which makes it easier for me to pass the PMP exam.