We stock a total choice of clear UV safe Plexiglas®, clear and shaded Plexiglass, infra-red communicating, UV sifting, UV sending, and plastic plexiglass reflect acrylic plastic sheets. Highlighting Plexiglas® brand clear acrylic sheets. Numerous sheet sizes are accessible from stock: 4×8, 4×10, 4×12, 6×10, 8×10 in clear. Enormous sheet sizes accessible in thicknesses to 4″ thick. We are from plexiglass cut to size an Authorized Plexiglas® Plastics Distributor and Supply source – and have been for more than 60 years! Considering buying Plexiglass sheets at Home Depot or Plexiglass at Lowes? This isn’t the slight film veiled material you see there. They don’t cut and to be perfectly honest, we are more affordable and proposition a variety of administrations so you get precisely what you need. Square, square shape, trapezoid, circle – you draw it, we can cut it! Family claimed and worked, ePlastics is THE spot to buy Plexiglass sheets – simply the best Plexiglass sheets are sold here. Note: Plexiglass is NATURALLY UV RESISTANT. It doesn’t yellow and ingests a significant part of the UV range. Acrylic or Perspex sheet is a similar material as Plexiglass acrylic plastic sheet.


It’s Easy to Order. You essentially purchase the rebate PLEXIGLASS acrylic sheet size closest to your need, then, at that point, we can plexiglass Cut to Size to your last size for plexiglass windows, and so on Simply enter the sizes you really want while requesting and add a Labor Item. Having us sell plexiglass sheets slice to estimate will regularly save money on transportation costs – more modest bundles transport less expensive through UPS.

We stock a wide assortment of Plexiglass – clear acrylic plexiglass sheet boards, cell cast acrylic plastic sheet, acrylic glass sheets, shapes, colored, hued, non glare plexiglass, plastic mirror and surfaces. We are one of USA’s biggest Independent Plastics Distributor and Fabricator. We stock all significant brands of plexi acrylic sheet: Plexiglass sheets, Acrylite, Lucite, Perspex® and Optix as well as an assortment of specialty tones and surfaces, for example, Frost Plexi glass and Clear Plexiglass Mirror as well as shades of Plexiglass Mirror. Amount limits on Plexiglass sheets.

Our cutting and molding abilities are our center capability. From our 10′ x 10′ CNC controlled saws to our CNC 8’x8′ switches to our Mini-Mill machine focuses – When others can’t…We Can!

On the off chance that you don’t see it, call us! Searching for modest plexiglass sheets or a markdown? We transport tone and clear acrylic plexiglass cross country, to Canada, and universally. Our delivery costs are the least since we transport from our Headquarters, yet from territorial assembling and transportation focuses across the USA. PLEXIGLAS® brand acrylic sheet is normally mis-spelled as Plexiglass, plexi glass, flexi glass….

PLEXIGLASS SHEET – Plexiglas® Acrylic Sheet Family civility of Arkema Group Inc., producer of Plexiglas. Perspex® sheet is a tradename for acrylic sheet known all through the world – very much like Lucite® acrylic sheet.

Plexiglas® acrylic sheet has been viewed as the norm of the business since it was first presented 75 years prior in light of its unbeatable quality, convenience, and wide scope of shadings, examples, thicknesses, and sizes.

Since its presentation, the Plexiglas® family has proceeded to grow and presently incorporates Plexiglas® G, MC, Q, T, UF and Frosted acrylic sheet definitions.


Plexiglass Sheet Cleaning Directions – Washing – Wash Plexiglas® sheet with a gentle cleanser or cleanser and tepid water arrangement. Utilize a clean delicate fabric or wipe and however much arrangement as could be expected. Wash well. Dry by smearing with a soggy material or chamois. We suggest Brillianize or Novus shines sold on this site.

Try not to utilize: Window cleaning liquids, scouring compounds, dirty materials, leaded or ethyl fuels or solvents like liquor, CH3)2CO, carbon tetrachloride, and so on

To eliminate tar, oil, paint, dried veiling paper, and so forth, utilize a passing mark of naphtha or lamp oil. Clients of these solvents should get comfortable with their properties to deal with them securely. Wash and perfect as above.

Cleaning – Apply a dainty, even layer of a passing mark of auto glue wax (not a cleaner-wax blend) with a delicate clean material to safeguard the outer layer of the Plexiglas® sheet and keep up with its radiance. Buff delicately with a spotless cotton wool or pullover material. Subsequent to cleaning, wipe with a perfect clammy fabric to ground any electro-static charges which might draw in dust particles.

Antistatic Coatings – These coatings can be utilized to forestall the amassing of electrostatic charge.

Guarantors LISTINGS

Guarantors Laboratories – Both Plexiglas® G and MC sheet, dull and all tones, are recorded as perceived parts by Underwriters Laboratories with a UL fire class of 94HB.

These items in clear just are appropriate for outside use concerning openness to bright light, water, openness or drenching as per UL746C.

These items in all tones have been exposed to at least one of the accompanying tests: bright light, water openness or inundation as per UL 746C, where the worthiness for open air use is still up in the air by Underwriters Laboratories.

Clear Acrylic Plexiglass – Plexiglass Acrylic Sheet Products

  • Plexiglas® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® G P-95/DP-95
  • Plexiglas® MC Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® Matte Finish
  • Plexiglas® Frosted Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® T Acrylic Sheet Impact Series
  • Plexiglas® Q Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® SQ Acrylic Sheet (Sign Grade)
  • Plexiglas® UF-3, UF-4 and UF-5 Acrylic
  • Plexiglas® Perfexion® Standard and Non-Glare Finishes For Picture Framing
  • Plexiglas® SB Bullet Resistant Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® ELiT II (Edge-Lit Technology) Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® Vision Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglas® DR® Acrylic Sheet
  • Plexiglass – Plexiglas® G Cell-Cast Acrylic Sheet

Premium building grade Plexiglas® G fulfills the necessities for all superior presentation cast acrylic sheets applications. Plexiglas® G is made by a cell-projecting interaction which gives the accompanying attributes