People love to play cricket because it is an enjoyable game. This game consists of two teams of batsmen and bowlers. The batsmen strike the balls of the bowlers and secure runs. The batsmen lose their position after the bowler catches their ball or for any other incidences such as LBW, maiden over, etc. So, the bowlers prevent the batsmen from scoring runs. So, depending upon the runs secured at the end of 50 over’s, the team wins or loses. People love to play this game on the playground and cricket is the most globally acclaimed game. But, everybody is not lucky enough to play a tournament or a match. But anybody can play online. So, they can play online fantasy cricket app to play the cricket game.

Playing the cricket game online

People can amazingly enjoy when they play this game online. They should understand the rules and regulations of the game before playing. They should know about the scoring pattern. Playing the game; fantasy cricket online; a person can feel as if he is playing in a large cricket stadium. Many people in real life aspire to play cricket in a large cricket stadium, but they are not lucky enough. But, they can play this game online by downloading the online fantasy cricket app.

Playing the cricket game online

They can become registered members online to play cricket online. They can enter their mobile number and become members.         They can refer to new members online and earn bonus. They can download the app to play with two teams. The online player should just manage the team of 11 members on both the sides. The cricket team normally contains batsmen, bowlers, wicket keepers, captain, star players, fielders and umpire. So, the online player is like an intermediate between the players. The online player can choose 3 to 6 batsmen and 3 to 6 bowlers. They can choose 1 to 4 all-rounders and one star player. The captain of the team earns 1.5 of the scored points. The players can learn the techniques of winning the game, by creating a team of players.  They are allotted with certain gems and they should manage the 11 players with the gems.

They should create a squad of 11 players and both the teams should compete with each other. They should learn the scoring pattern so that they provide right score to the players. For every 2 runs, 4 runs and 6 runs, they should allocate certain points. For duck, they should allocate negative points. In the fantasy cricket game, the player scoring duck is provided with -3 points. So, the person with golden duck gets even negative points. For every 30 runs, 50 runs or 100 runs, they get extra points. The points allocated for test matches and one-day international is different. Based upon the strike rate, also they should allocate certain points. Certain rules and regulations are prescribed for the bowlers also. They score more points after every wicket. For every 2, 3, 4 and 5 wickets also, they score some additional points. The players should study the score pattern after every fielding. For per catch, thrower, direct run out and stumping, they allocate certain points. The strike rate is applicable to every all rounder, batsmen and bowlers.  The star players usually get points of x 2 points and the captains receive 1.5 points. The bowlers also get additional points for clean bowling. The players should learn the score pattern for players scoring 0 points. They are labeled as golden duck, if they are dismissed with the first ball. When, they are dismissed without any balls, and then they are labeled as ‘Diamond Duck’.

Playing the game of fantasy cricket online?

Even the most expert players fear to play on the playground with confidence. So, when they play best fantasy cricket games online, they develop confidence to play with many team members. They learn to manage the team members and play effectively with them. A person can practice playing test matches and one-day international matches online. They learn the techniques of winning the game also. They should just enter their e-mail address and mobile number to join the games.

The players should learn the rules of the game and should follow the following points to play the game.

They should first select the match and then move towards the cricket page. They should view the list of cricket matches so that they can participate in various games. They can choose the match, they like the most.

Then after selecting the match, they should create a team. They should use their analytical skills to play the best fantasy cricket games online. Creating the best team, they should win bigger awards. 

Then after creating a team, they should go through the contest pages. Then, they should select the contest pages and select a cash contest that fits into the budget. By attending the practice tests, they can test their cricket skills. So, in this way, they can play the fantasy cricket game.

Then, they should follow the match, and then check the progress of the fantasy games progress. So, finally, they can create a scorecard and the leader board and check their ranking. The score should be updated after every level.

It is one of the finest sources of playing the game online. It is the best game for the people who are good at sports. Playing cricket is a great benefit for the players. The online players can enjoy several advantages playing the game online such as improvement in memory, improve their cognitive abilities, make players more focused, minimize the problem of dementia, maintain social circle with the friends or players and they can develop social connection. It is the best platform to showcase your talent and use knowledge. It is one of the biggest advantages of fantasy leagues. They can earn more money with real investment. The leaders should always score the highest points and they can earn cash back, offers, exciting gifts and several bonus offers. So, the players can learn some of the secret techniques to win the game in the future.