Play Station 5 is going to be released soon. This new release will provide excellent graphics. PS 5 console is getting launched with around 20 titles and more than twenty game updates. For all the gamers who have played on all the Plat Stations, this indeed is great news. The release of Play Station 5 will brings more fun and a better experience. Some of the updates and exclusive titles that have been confirmed for the release date have been summarised below.

  • Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales: The game has come up with an interesting update. It focuses mainly on Miles Morales. The character succeeds Peter Parker and the players would get to see his story. Here, Miles uses electricity apart from the normal moves of Spider-man. 
  • Astro’s Playroom: Very interesting and exciting news is that the game is now free for all. It is one of the best 3D games released to date. It would continue its robotic gameplay. The Play Station 5 will help you enhance your performance in the game as it has an improved quality of graphics and better speed. 
  • Demon’s Souls: This unique game would now bring more fun with the return of the Demon’s Soul. Huge changes could be noticed in regards to magic and lightings. The game speed has also been improved. The players wouldn’t have to wait to enact their vengeance for the bastard enemy in the video game. 
  • Bugsnax: Bugsnax was one of the best and the most appealing game. It has now been updated with customizable creatures that similar to puppets with googly eyes. With the Play Station 5, you get this googly-eyed puppet-like interesting creature for free. This will be best for all players as they can try it without paying much amount.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: This is on the top list of the popular and most widely played games. So, this popular game is now getting another sequel which sounds more appealing. This game is available for free on Yo pc gamesThe character now seems to possess more power and hence the game is now more appealing.
  • Planet Coaster: The Planet Coater too will be available on Play Station 5. Roller Coaster Console gameplay is now polished, arguably better, and new. It would bring an entirely new experience as it has got many new theme updates. This game is quite popular among all generations of players. 
  • Warframe: This game is going to be available on Play Station 5 with lots of updates and changes. The game will be more stylish and exciting. It would include combat strategies. More importantly, it will be free for the players to play this game on Play Station 5. 

We can be sure that almost all the players have been long waiting for the launch of Play Station 5. Now that it is soon to be released, most players would have already made their minds to buy the same. So, these were some of the interesting updates and video games that you would discover with the new Play Station 5.