There is no reason to be afraid of a bathroom project. If you are thinking of getting a bathroom renovation, we have some easy guidelines to follow to start planning out a bathroom that’s both elegant and functional.

As leisure begins to creep its way into our routines, the status of the bathroom has been elevated as we look for ways to upgrade our bathrooms with pampering and comfort in mind, on top of practicality. In addition to simple upgrades, we are also looking at planning out more bathrooms and en-suites in a house.

Whatever the reason may be, the installation of a new bathroom is certainly a massive task and can be alarmingly difficult. It often requires technical skills and an eye for style. As such, beginning to plan early can save you a lot of heartaches and lost money in the future. Here are even more great bathroom plumbing solutions.

List What You Need

It is important to think about who will be using this bathroom — this ultimately will affect the entire scheme you choose to go with for the bathroom. Will it be a shower room for two? Or a family bathroom with fixtures for younger kids?

A spa-themed room requires a lengthy list of specifics and fixtures that would likely include a bath with a distinct shower. On the other hand, a guest bathroom may just need a shower and toilet.

You will then need to ask yourself what the bathroom’s purpose will be — a sanctuary to escape the stresses of daily life? Or will it be more of an energizing space to help you go through the rest of the day? These considerations will affect the colour scheme and overall theme of the room. It is important to think about how you would want to use your bathroom, rather than how you are already using it. Here, it is good to fantasize about your ideal spa and think about how you would like your theme to work for you.

For example, adding a steam shower or bath and recreating your very own luxury Spa day in the comfort of your home can be more affordable than you think. According to Smart Price Warehouse transforming a regular bathroom into a relaxing spa environment offers many health benefits, creates a relaxing environment to unwind of an evening and also adds value to your property.

Make Some Measurements

A good starting point would be to measure accurately the dimensions of the room and think about what features would likely affect your ideal design, such as windows and doors.

Next, cut out to-scale shapes of all your features (such as a basin, bath, shower, and sink), and rearrange them until you figure out a layout that suits you the best. We suggest incorporating space between the objects and also considering fixtures on the wall to help you store bottles while in the shower.

Light Up the Room

There is a general trend of bathrooms being next to bedrooms, and, as such, bathroom lighting must be very carefully thought out — you don’t want any midnight trips to the bathroom to wake up anyone in the bedroom, or make you feel guilty for taking the trip itself.

We suggest thinking about having different lighting types, which give you the option of turning low-level lighting when making those late trips to the bathroom, ensuring you don’t wake anyone up at night. You could even opt for a motion sensor instead of a light switch, which means less fumbling for lights and less trouble for you.

Tiling is Everything

Different surfaces may give your bathroom the it-factor it needs. Nothing is more outdated than worn-out vinyl. To help you stay on-trend, you could look at graphic ceramics with eye-catching hexagonal designs or other decorative geometrics.

You will achieve a more polished look with a seamless, matching floor and wall pattern, but you could also choose a standalone feature wall or floor. You should also think carefully about the proportions of your room before selecting tiles, as designs that are too decorative might be too messy for a small space, but can also add necessary colour in a larger bathroom.

Set Your Budget

Deciding on your budget helps you figure out what you should spend more on and what you should hold back on. Investing in one single gorgeous piece, like a freestanding bath, can help you show off your eye for decoration without spending too much on the rest of the bathroom.

It is also necessary to allocate some money to practicality, like a larger water tank for a rainfall shower, or a water softener to prevent limescale accumulation.

What Level of Service Do You Need?

This aspect is strongly reliant on your budget. Though some bathroom companies may offer precise and all-encompassing solutions— which involve planning, installation and decoration, this option may be very costly. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option— though expensive, the aforementioned option may save you a lot of time and work. Alternatively, you could also design your own space from scratch, and hire an external builder to help you with the heavy lifting. Though this would take more time and effort to ensure you get the perfect layout, it is likely to be cheaper in the long run. It is natural however to want to see your desired products in real life to test them out for comfort and quality.

We suggest getting quotes from at least three fitters with highly specific parameters for your ideal room to avoid added costs.

Organize Your People

You should ask around, looking at family and friends for recommendations to find that perfect fitter. You should also make sure the person you pick is trustworthy and likeable— remember, the best deal does not always equate to the best service.

If you are planning on knocking down some walls or adding some windows, always remember to check with your building control office to seek approval. Buying your fittings through your builder might also help you get trade discounts, as bigger suppliers may offer impressive savings to the trade, on top of quick delivery and added support. Remember that your fitter will also likely take out a small cut for the effort of ordering for you.

Whether you are buying supplies from a high-end brand or otherwise, it is important to factor in delivery speed; big manufacturers will generally take about four weeks to deliver, whereas luxury brands may take eight weeks.

Additionally, always remember to factor in peripherals like waste traps for your bathroom, and give yourself plenty of room to avoid having contractors standing still with no clue how to work on site.

Always check your returns period to know how long you have to report any mistakes or damages.

Lastly, Stay Alive!

Your fitness routine might have to change if you decide to change your bathroom into an entirely new room. The length of time you will be without a shower depends on how large the project is going to be — a light sprucing might only take a couple of days, but anything bigger might take much longer.

If you don’t have the option of using a gym, you might need to start crashing at your neighbour’s, so put on a smile when you walk past their window, and maybe even send over a gift basket to get in their good books — dry shampoo only gets you so far before you’ve had enough and need a real shower.

You might also need to minimize mess to make the clean up easier for you. We suggest covering bare surfaces with old dust sheets to keep them spick and span while things are being moved around. Also, ask for any cutting tiles and plaster to be done outdoors, and seal off doors to bedrooms to make sure they remain untouched.

With all the above advice, we guarantee the pain-free birth of your ideal, perfect bathroom.