Planning a home renovation work puts your planning skills to the ultimate test. The progress of the actual renovation work depends on how good the planning is. It starts with selecting a good renovator and continues with the fine print of the contract. Since home renovation Toronto will be a fairly expensive undertaking, you must get the details right and think through if you want to hire a close alternative. Home renovations Mississauga area are a good option since they are close enough. Good planning not only helps to streamline the budget but also ensures accountability on the part of the contractor.

Astaneh construction is a reputed general contractor service offering the full range of work for a complete home makeover. Be it a kitchen renovation, basement work, or bathroom remodeling, Astaneh construction can handle it all competently. The project typically starts with an inspection of the property. Expert contractors will assess your renovation needs to finalize the quote and a tentative deadline. Before you finalize the plan with the contractor, here are a few tips to keep in mind.    

Planning Tips

  1. Evaluate your needs: Renovation work is highly extensive and covering every area of your home. So, first, you need to decide if you want to undertake a full home renovation Toronto or divide the work into phases over the next few years. For the first year, you may want to work on kitchen renovation only or get the basement done. You will have to prioritize based on your short and long-term goals. Classify the work into the ‘must-have’ and the ‘leave-as-it-is.’
  2. Prepare an inventory: Sit with your contractor and prepare an inventory. Discuss the materials you will need, whether tiles, hardwood, or lighting fixtures. Be specific with your needs as it helps to provide an exact quote. This is particularly important for kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling work, where a lot of changes need to be made. 
  3. Use of space: While planning the renovation work, focus on the right use of space throughout the household. You may add or reduce space as needed by strategic use of drywall and partitions. Astaneh construction can refer you to a good interior designer to design the final plan. In certain works, like that of doing the basement or roof, you may also need the services of a structural engineer.
  4. DIY plus contractor work: Chipping in some DIY work wherever you can is a great way to save a lot of money on home renovation Toronto. The extent of DIY depends on your skill level. Some homeowners can handle simple tasks, while others have extensive DIY skills such as carpentry, painting, and electrical work.

However, unless you are sure of your abilities, it is advisable to leave the entire job to Astaneh construction. That said, if you are confident, you can play an active role and work side-by-side with professional renovators.

Drawing a plan

A good plan does not miss any of the aspects of the renovation work. It should evenly account for all the possible pre-conditions of the work to be done. Here are a few points that should be covered in your contract with Astaneh construction.

  1. Description of the work: Unless you are hiring contractors for a single room such as kitchen renovation or basement remodeling, proceed with a room-by-room description of the work. Specify the tasks of the contractor, and also define the parts that you will undertake yourself (DIY).  If the renovator service is hiring subcontractors for certain duties, that should be specified in the agreement as well.

Don’t forget to include a clear clause outlining the standard of work. The renovator should be able to complete the work within the stipulated time with minimum disruption and no damage to your property. Neither should be there any damage to the public property or of that of your neighbours. Finally, you should ensure that the renovator will also provide complete cleanup after the work has been done. 

  • Payment terms: Once both parties agree to the quote, it is important to specify the payment terms. The contract should clearly mention the amount paid as the initial deposit, along with the mode of payment of the remaining costs.

Astaneh construction has a well-organized system of deciding on the project budget. Home renovation work can range from $100 per square foot to $200, depending on the materials. A kitchen renovation project typically starts at $40,000 and can stretch up to $150,000 depending on the quality of cabinets, countertops, and additional features.

In case, home renovation Toronto involves sub-contractors, there must be a holdback clause mentioned in the contract. Holdbacks are provincial requirements designed to protect you against sub-contractors if they complain about the payment received from the general contractor.

It helps manage the costs if the subcontractor places a lien on your property on not receiving full payment. In every instalment you pay to the renovator, you hold back a certain amount for a specific period until the payment issues are resolved. The holdback is necessary both for smaller projects such as kitchen renovation and for bigger tasks such as entire home remodel.

Furthermore, the contract should have a separate section covering the liability insurance of the renovator. The worker’s compensation coverage should be mentioned as well. Working with an insured service offers protection in case there is an unfortunate incidence of worker injury while on your premises.

  • Changes in work: For all practical purposes, have a separate section to include any changes in work or schedule that may come up. It helps to plan unforeseen delays caused due to natural events such as rain or snow. Sometimes, changes can happen due to delay in obtaining materials or for other reasons. Set aside a contingency fund for home renovation Toronto that you would use if the changes require it.


The work should proceed as per plan and under the supervision of a contact person. Home renovation work can be exhaustive, and it can take up several days. Your kitchen or bathroom may be off-limits for a few days. You will have to make alternate arrangements in that case. Also, while the renovation work is going on, you may have to arrange for dust protection on your furniture items.

Make sure that you demarcate areas that are off-limits and also specify actions that cannot be done on your property. With Astaneh, home renovation Toronto always turns out to be a pleasing experience instead of a tiresome wait when the work is over.